Funding Title Research Centers in Minority Institutions Program (G12) Program Description The purpose of the Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI) Programs is to expand the national capability for research in the health sciences by providing grant supports to minority institutions that offer doctorate degrees in the health professions or in a health-related science. Eligibility […]
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The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program Act provides direct technical and financial assistance to private landowners who are interested in restoring the fish and wildlife habitats within their own lands. Interested parties must first contact their local coordinator prior to their application.
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The Regulation of Surface Coal Mining and Surface Effects of Underground Coal Mining are intended to assist with the cost of operating mining regulatory programs. It funded cooperative agreements provide States with approved regulatory programs to regulate coal mining activities on federal lands.
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The U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command’s (USAMRMC) mission is to provide solutions to medical problems of American Warfighters at home and abroad. Priority and interest is on specific projects that are influenced by changes in military and civilian medical science and technology, operational requirements, military threat assessments, and national defense strategies.
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Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s Strategic Technology Office (STO) is soliciting for proposal under this Broad Agency Announcement for the performance of research, development, design, and testing that directly supports the STO. Researches must focus on must investigate innovative approaches that enable revolutionary advances in science, devices, or systems.
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The Energy for Sustainability grant program is allotted to initiatives that focus on fundamental research and education intended to develop innovative processes for the sustainable production of electricity and transportation fuels. Interest is particularly on fundamental researches that focus on materials science or bio-based materials such as feedstocks for fuel cell devices.
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Section 103 of the Clean Air Act authorizes funding national and regional research and development programs for the prevention and control of air pollution. EPA’s Regional Offices manage Section 103 assistance programs and funding. This program is designed to conduct research investigations, experiments, demonstrations, surveys, and studies relating to the causes, effects, extent, prevention, and control of air pollution.
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Best Practices, a program of the United States Department of Energy’s Office of industrial Technologies (OIT), works with industry to identify plant-wide opportunities for energy savings and process efficiency. Through the implementation of new technologies and systems improvements, OIT helps companies save energy and money, reduce pollution and emissions, and increase productivity.
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The DOE Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT) provides funds for R&D projects through a competitive solicitation process. Projects are performed by collaborative partnerships and should address specified priorities leading to the enhancement of national goals for energy and the environment.
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Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (TAA), a federal program, provides financial assistance to manufacturers affected by import competition. Sponsored by the U.S Department of Commerce, this cost sharing federal assistance program pays for half the cost of consultants or industry-specific experts for projects that improve a manufacturer’s competitiveness.
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