Grant proposal writing, unlike other forms of writing, demands a lot of time, patience, dedication, and passion. While it may be easy to create proposals for some writers, other grant proposal writers don’t get to master it. In fact, some find it boring and, at times, tiring. If given the chance to write a grant […]
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They say a vision without a plan is just a dream. But how about a plan without funding? Is it not simply a dream as well? As with any project, your vision should not end with just a plan. You need to make sure, too, that you have the people, facilities, and most especially, financial […]
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This article is for grant writing beginners who are thinking of starting a career in proposal writing and also for companies or organizations that are planning to make funding requests. We compiled some of the most frequently asked questions that we have encountered in this field with our years of experience. How difficult is it […]
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Grant research, is a time-consuming yet important aspect of the application process. Without this, it will be more difficult to resolve all the issues related to the funding source. The process hopes to address a lot of questions, such as: what is the underlying cause of the problem that needs to be addressed? What is […]
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Writing a grant proposal is a tedious task for it requires dedication, consistency, and drive. Those who would be involved in writing should have ample time to compile and screen the info and documents that would be used. Hiring grant writers is an effective way to ensure that proposals would comply with a grantor’s specific […]
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If you are going through fiscal setbacks, find government grants.  For years now, these grants have buoyed up projects that created good impacts. These free monies have lifted millions of people out of poverty to give them quality lives. But, there are people who don’t know what it is or how it works. Here are […]
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Most fund seekers thought that writing a grant proposal is all they need to do. Aside from proposals, however, they should also be writing a grant cover letter that will introduce their non-profit organization, the project they intend to pursue, the cost they need in order to implement the proposed project, and the purpose and […]
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How many times have you been denied in submitting a proposal? How many worthy projects have been delayed for reasons you can’t figure out? Well, go on and read this article to find out how to come up with a successful grant proposal. What are they looking for? Funding groups would want to see a […]
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Grant proposal samples are very helpful to first-time writers. These copies give the idea on how to start a funding request. In addition, they provide an overview of what information to include and how to format it. If you are a grant seeker planning to write your own proposal, looking for examples can help you […]
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There is no easy way to obtain funding to pay for new equipment, research, staffing, and training. But, having a good grasp of various technology grants can help you acquire funds for your research and other needs. As part of funding quest, you must know how to find the right grant and be able to […]
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