For federal grant writers, writing is not just a usual activity. In my case, it’s  my job. This is the reason I am hook to it. Contrary to well-known belief, writing is not an easy task. It requires a sound mind, great learning, creativity, research skills, and versatility. Federal Grant Writers Unique Methods I’m not new […]
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With so much groups needing funds today, isn’t it getting much harder to support a nonprofit project? The answer is both yes and no. It’s just a matter of perspective and strategies. Yes, for most groups that think that all causes are equal in the eyes of funding sources, and therefore getting endowments is a […]
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We have all marveled at them—visionaries like Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, and Mahatma Gandhi – those people who, despite being in a world where it is difficult to convince a single person, influenced people like magnet. But it’s an illusion; anybody who believes in their ideas can be a visionary. Allied Grant Writers reviewed […]
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Are you looking for foundation grants? Grants are free monies because it does not require you to pay it back. You don’t need a collateral, credit checks, security deposits, or co-signers. All you need is a good proposal, and submit it to a funding organization. But if you think that getting grants is easy, think […]
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Okay, so your organization is on the hunt for funding aid that will help launch a good social project. Well, this is a common scenario among nonprofit groups. Many are looking for ways to seek help from funding institutions to finance their worthwhile causes. But is it really that easy to do? As a member […]
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Once you managed to soak your hands in the difficult and often complicated business of writing proposals, you might wonder what style funders exactly want. Well, every one of them has a different preference, so we’d rather have the best of both polar characteristics that they’re looking for. If you want to strike a balance […]
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Do you want to enter the business world? While banks can provide loans, a business grant application is a better option. Funders don’t just fund projects that have social impact. They also finance small and start-ups trades. With the current fiscal condition, they also help entrepreneurs to boost the economy. Though there are funding sources, you […]
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Funding sources offer all forms of help to support various causes and social projects. But a good written request is never a guarantee of help from them. Though you may have a winning proposal, still there are factors that affect funders’ decisions. With thousands of nonprofits seeking aid, sure the chance of getting the funds […]
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When you are sparking a good cause but you don’t have any idea on how to get the finance needed to support it, there must be those thoughts that you might never be able to attain it. Especially if you’ve been dedicating your efforts and achievement to that noble cause, you know you need to […]
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So you didn’t win the grant. You’ve worded your plans and advocacies with a burning passion. You’ve consulted everyone in town about the paper. You’ve spent a sleepless night perfecting that 10-page proposal. What could have gone wrong? Is it really hard to create winning grant proposals? If you’re still clueless why your grant application […]
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