Writing a Good Grant Proposal: Does it Matter?

Good Grant ProposalProposal writing is such an overwhelming task. It requires thorough research of facts, analysis, and statistics — which are all significant to accomplish a worthy cause.

How to write a strong funding application?
The most important consideration in writing a good grant proposal is to match the application with the potential funder’s requirements. It is important that applicants meet the criteria set by the funding sources. Funders have specific requirements, which may be reflected in their mission statement that can further explain how they treat an application. Most likely, funder would choose proposed projects that will create a positive impact on the lives of people and the community. A strong funding application should include statement of the problem, related factual past research, studies, and other information, conceptual framework, budget, management plan, and measurable outcome. This will signify that a proposed project is intended for a worthy cause. Each part of the application should be well-written to ensure that potential funders will consider your request.

Getting started
The initial step in writing a good grant proposal is to read and conduct a research. Why is it so? It is simply because funders may have to read hundreds of applications for a single funding opportunity. With this, a proposed project should address common goals and defend that funds are to be appropriately utilized. It is important to consider the following key points prior to preparing a request for non-profit organization and individual requests.

For non-profit:

• Does your organization qualify for a funding assistance?

• Does the proposed project address specific goals and objectives?

• Do you have a measurable outcome?

• What is the success probability of the project?

• Can the proposed project make a difference? Will it ease the needs of the people in your community?

• Does the project demonstrate cost-efficiency?

• Will it involve the organization’s personnel/staff?

For individual/personal request:

• What are your needs?

• How does the circumstance affect you?

• Do your needs match the funder’s criteria?

• Can you provide related facts, reviews, and statistics to support your narrative?

• What is the projected outcome of the request?

• Do you have considerable budget request?

Just a note
Acquiring a funding assistance is a legal way to use funds or money for a good purpose. It can be a donation from private sectors, individuals, foundations or government agencies, and corporate sponsors. Its primary requirement is to submit application for available funding opportunity. However, writing a good grant proposal can be crucial but tedious. A well-written one is an advantage for reviewers to further understand your aims. It should be written with a clear purpose in mind of accomplishing a beneficial cause. Submitting a good proposal builds trust and credibility, and clearly defines the significant changes and improvement that will result from a successful project. It is suggested to hire professional writers who can help you accomplish a polished document. Also, it is significant to remember the deadlines of submission to ensure that the funding assistance request will make it to the first cut and also to have ample time of searching for other funders.

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