Non-Profit Grants for Children with Special Needs in the United States

Parents of children with special needs are bothered by the challenge of raising them free from discrimination. Children with special needs, though not limited to children living with autism and hyperactive disorders, are society’s most vulnerable population due to their inability to live an independent and strong life.

Children with special needs are often subjected to home schooling because they cannot properly interact with children of their age. Special children are defined by having an innate mental and learning retardation, which makes them ineligible candidates to be part of a private or public learning institution.

Special children are barred from their homes and are limited to instruction given to them by their parents.

Parents of children with special needs experience difficulties in taking care of their children and turns to kind-hearted organizations willing to lend a helping hand. Thankfully, the United States is home to a myriad of non-profit organizations and family helping children with special needs in countless and humanistic approaches.

These organizations award grants to qualified applicants whose primary goal is to assist special children in living equitable and comfortable lives despite their physical and mental handicaps.

  • Crusade for Children – Crusade for Children assists non-profits, schools, and hospitals tending to children with special needs up to age 18. The Crusade focuses in helping institutions with unwavering passion to create boundless opportunities for children with special needs geographically located in the States of Indiana and Kentucky.
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  • Children’s Charity Fund, Inc. – The Children’s Charity Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps children with special needs receive financial funding of at least $500.
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  • Disabled Children Relief Fund – The Disable Children Relief Fund offers equipment to physically disabled children and children with cerebral palsy and other mental illnesses. The Fund is a tax-exempt organization and is in need of donations from other like-minded entities advocating the lives of children with special needs.
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  • National Autism Association – The National Autism Association, through its flagship program titled FOUND, provides financial support of $54,400.00 to children with autism located in eight different counties in the United States. Grant money will be primarily used to purchase life-saving equipment and materials needed for the survival of these children.
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8 Responses to “Non-Profit Grants for Children with Special Needs in the United States”
  1. Henri Hammond says:

    Seeking indirect funds to cover the costs of my autistic son’s Neurofeedback Therapy in Lafayette, Louisiana

  2. christine gill says:

    Hi. I have 3 wonderful childern my oldest is 14 he has a lot of sp.needs not that I have not an always will do everything I can to give my childern best live I can has been really hard trying to pay for everything .my kids will never know that but if there is anyway anyone could help I would be so thankful.I never planned snice day son was born to put him in a group home I told him we can do this an so far alil over 14yrs later we still are thank u for taking the time to read this….940 224 7933

  3. Will Scott says:

    ………….To all who a special needs child has blessed there life’s Im just feeling very Compiled to post a comment , I’m a 27 year old young man in Philadelphia Responsibly caring for a child with special needs and Recently lost my job but losing my job put me in a better place in my life in that is with my 6 year old beautiful little boy with cerebral palsy who’s not walking or talking, it’s Definitely been a long road with ups in downs in long never ending hallways filled with doctors nurses Specialists Therapists and me in feeling very blessed to still be standing after it all and I never lost my faith. We don’t have much but we have a loving in understanding family and the love I have for this little boy makes me give a 100 and 10% everyday and I believe only a parents with a child with special needs can understand the Unconditional love you build for them it’s really Defines you as a person and gives you a deeper respect on life and the things a lot of us take For granted..But to all the parents out there he only puts the Weight on our shoulders that only you can bear in I’m truly a Believer of that only you can Provide that parent care for your child so keep it up in believe the love makes it even easier…………..

  4. Rena Dayton says:

    I want to start by saying that I admire all the endless time and patience that parents of special needs children give to their families. It is a job that so many parents do without any thought at all. I am a special needs teacher in Ohio. I have taught in all grades. I have had the pleasure of working with all special needs students in my district and so many other districts in my area through special needs programs that are parent oriented. However, there is not much offered for special needs children in my area. I often take my students home with me to go shopping, to the movies or just have a sleep over. I would love to open a commuity center for special needs children. I want to offer exercise, intellectual and social environments for these children and adults that have no other place to turn. The problem is I have hit a brick wall. I have turned to my local chamber of commerece and have got no help. If anyone is able to give me some assistance on how or where I may receive funding I would appreciate it. I am certain that many of the parents that I have worked with in the past would give reference to what I am stating. I can be reached by email at or my phone number 740-424-3907. Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give me.

  5. I think says:

    My name is Ivy I have a 13 year old son that is special needs. My son is legally blind. has cerbral palsy, a vp shunt and has a seizure disorder. My son is 13 years old but is mentally only 2-3 years old with limited speech communication. I think as a parent of a special needs child it should be easier to get money for things that u want to provide for your child. My son would love a swing set but with his age and weight he needs a metal heavy duty swing set that would grow with him these swing sets are very expensive but this would not only help my child physically and mentally but most of all it would make him happy in his life to have a swing set in the back yard that he can swing on anytime he want to. If anyone has any suggestions please email me and keep it going for all those parents out there with special needs.

  6. Celinha says:

    HI, i would like to share the services we provide for special needs children from 0-21 years old. Out Came the Sun Foundation, Inc. provides community-based therapy services (Speech, Occupational, Physical and Cognitive therapy) to residents of the District of Columbia and neighboring Maryland counties. The approximate 60% of families that have financial means will continue to privately pay and insurance agencies will continue to be successfully billed. However, through non-profit funding to Out Came the Sun Foundation, Inc., the remaining 30-40% of low income families will be afforded the same intensity of services that are provided to private medical insurance families.

  7. Shantel Dudley says:

    My name is Shantel, I am the mother to 13 children, 7 of whom are special needs, 6 are medically fragile.
    My husband and I have adopted the last 6 children, I am working hard to see if there is a grant out there for batteries, and a van.
    I know it may sound strange seeking a grant for batteries, but every week we purchase approx 30AA and 12 AAA batteries… I am amazed at the added cost for their therapy toys! I am thankful that my children have toys that help them enjoy their days more and we don’t ever put them away to save money, but jeepers it is so expensive.

    We also have a 15 passenger van, it is a little older, no CD player, blown speaker so the radio is obnoxious, and we have 3 children in wheel chairs so we can’t transport the children together in our van while in their chairs… Our van is not handicap accessible, we usually swap them out back and forth from car seat to wheel chair, but they are getting older and we are getting older and not as strong as we once were!

    Any advice?

    • AGW Writer says:

      Hi Shantel,

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. A member of our team will e-mail you regarding your concern. Kindly check the e-mail account you used in sending your comment.

      All the best,
      The Allied Grant Writers Team

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