Grant Related Services

Apart from various proposal writing services, we also offer other services that can greatly help you with your application. Even if you will not purchase any of our services, you can still buy our special offers below:

Funding Source Research ($39.8/funding sources)

Different funders have their own funding restrictions and eligibility requirements. If you want to have a higher chance of obtaining your desired funding assistance, you need to have as many funding sources as you can. But it's difficult to surf the Internet or flip through a book's pages to search for even a single funder. It's a time-consuming process and patience-testing act. Free yourself from this worry. Allied Grant Writers has a diligent team that can do the funding source research for you from reliable Internet sites and our own database. The team will patiently determine the most fitting set of funders for you to implement your project. We have helped many clients through this service.

Community Support Letters (Maximum of 2 pages/letter, $50/page)

To further establish the credibility of an organization, letters of community support are essential. These letters are commonly part of the initial and subsequent review phases of federal agencies, private institutions, and other grant giving organizations. Allied Grant Writers can effectively write a community support letter for you in such a way that funding organizations will easily see that your project is worthwhile.

Commitment Letter $50/page

This is a 2-3 page type of letter writing service that expresses a commitment or pledge to provide help or assistance in monetary and non-monetary form such as marketing, equipment, and training. This letter can be prepared by an individual or organization.

Letter of Inquiry $50/pp

This is a letter sent by a grant applicant to know if a funding organization currently accepts proposals. Consists of about 2-3 pages, this letter serves as the initial form of communication between a grant applicant and a potential funder.

Business Plan

Prepare a clear and comprehensive business plan before launching your business. Backed by strong research, you can easily determine the feasibility and potential for the success of your project. We have a team of qualified and skilled writers who are fully capable of developing an effective business plan to help you get ahead of your goals.
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SEO Article

Take advantage of quality SEO article writing in making your web site earn a high page ranking. Our writers know how to distribute the proper amount of targeted keywords in an article. They can smartly do a play up of keyword usage no matter what’s the topic. Our turnaround time for SEO article writing depends on the number of articles you need or on your specifications in general.
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Annual Report (After Grant Award/Funding Period)

Once your project has been awarded grant money, a funding organization commonly requires that you submit an annual report. Detailing how the fund was used, the report serves as a guide in keeping the fund allocation consistent with the goals and objectives stated on the approved grant proposal. Whether you have to prepare it by yourself or you have to follow a funding organization’s guidelines, Allied Grant Writers can definitely help you create a comprehensive and smartly-prepared annual report for your project.
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Proposal Editing

Not confident about the wordings and sentence structure of your grant proposal? Let an expert polish it! Totally different from proposal revision, proposal editing involves purely the editing of a submitted proposal copy. Our seasoned editors ensure the overall grammatical accuracy of your proposal. The turnaround time ranges from 2 weeks to 1 month.
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Proposal Revision

Uncertain of improving the overall substance of your proposal? Allied Grant Writers can sufficiently tweak your proposal based on what your project should emphasize. You, as a client, however, need to provide clear, specific instructions on the type of the revision to be made. Depending on the number of pages, the turnaround time for revising your proposal can be from 3-8 weeks.
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Should you be interested in any of our grant writing services, please feel free to read more about the types of grant proposals we write here. Please call us at 1-800-825-2314.