Animal Welfare Grants: Stopping Inhumane Treatments

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animal welfare grantsAre you a pet lover? Are you aware that there are people who kill them just for the sake of fun and research? Take action now and make use of the animal welfare grants to help and save our furry friends from the cruel hands of some beast-like people. Read on and know where to seek support.

Animals such as rats and some species of monkeys are often the subject of vicious testing started by scientific and educational facilities to advance human control and knowledge. Based on studies, the United States remains unfazed on its rules in using pets as test subjects in cruel and invasive research.

Based on a report released by the US Department of Agriculture in 2005, a total of 1,177,566 various animals were used as subjects for tests with harmful and deadly effect. Test subjects involve dogs, cats, and primates, as well as tamed farm helpers and pets such as pigs and sheep, hamsters, and guinea pigs.

Other cruelties involve hurting and soulless slaughter of house pets like cats and dogs. Some people even film this torture for “crush videos” and sell them to mentally sick people that enjoy this kind of videos. These events prompt various non-profit groups to take a stand and revolt against this kind of torture.

With them are private firms that award animal welfare grants to non-profit groups that will stop at nothing to prevent large-scale torture happening inside America’s savage places.

Foundations Against Animal Cruelty

Here are a few Foundations guided by their vision to stop the unjust treatment of animals in the United States:

Arcus Foundation

It seeks to support the constant protection of great apes and bring back poached apes back to their natural homes. The United States continues to use great apes as test subjects in rather evil experiments. Arcus funds people and groups that work in the long-term protection and survival of great apes.

Arthur L. & Elaine V. Johnson Foundation

Pets like guide dogs are useful buddies for blind persons and others that have weak condition such as paraplegia patients. The foundation supports non-profit groups that give care and support for guide dogs and other pets that assist PWDs to live happy, normal lives.

The Bernice Barbour Foundation

This foundation has a much larger scope. The foundation supports programs that aim to preserve companion and marine-life animals in the United States. They also support veterinary care and research for animals plagued with lethal illnesses.

Foundation for Protection of Animals

They hope to start strong and mutual bonds between humans and pets. The foundation believes that pet ownership is the key to the rising problem of pet homelessness in the United States. They also fund rescue operations for animals caught in natural or man-made catastrophes.

With these groups to support you, the success in stopping unjust treatments and tests is within reach. All you have to do is to submit a request for animal welfare grants and prove that you are one with their goals and mission.

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