A grant is a gift of money. Any person can ask other parties for a grant for personal, nonprofit, or business purposes but not all can get funding. You must first get the grantor’s attention and convince them that your project is worth their time and money. So how do you do it? We asked […]
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  Getting funds for your project is always quite a challenge. Grant funding is one way, but it won’t always guarantee success. Despite this, many people rely on this method to acquire funding for their cause. Many private firms support various grants for a variety of industries. Federal offices have their own grant programs, too. […]
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Grant writing has always been a daunting task; probably because being approved for a grant is never easy. Some people believe that those who receive grants are either really lucky, or they have strong “connections.” Here’s the thing, if you really want and need a grant, you will get it. How? By making sure you […]
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How does branding help a non-profit? Does it really do them good? “Increasingly, major donors view the checks they write as “investments” rather than as charitable giving. They’re looking for organizations through which they can realize their (ideally, shared) vision. A strong brand can help build the connection, relevance, and resonance needed to drive decisions […]
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Do you intend to start a federal grant writing project? Compared to other types of grant requests, federal grants require more time, complexity, and preparation. If you are to apply for one, be sure you have a good grasp of the whole application process, including the crucial documents you need to submit and the eligibility […]
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Grant proposal writing, unlike other forms of writing, demands a lot of time, patience, dedication, and passion. While it may be easy to create proposals for some writers, other grant proposal writers don’t get to master it. In fact, some find it boring and, at times, tiring. If given the chance to write a grant […]
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They say a vision without a plan is just a dream. But how about a plan without funding? Is it not simply a dream as well? As with any project, your vision should not end with just a plan. You need to make sure, too, that you have the people, facilities, and most especially, financial […]
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This article is for grant writing beginners who are thinking of starting a career in proposal writing and also for companies or organizations that are planning to make funding requests. We compiled some of the most frequently asked questions that we have encountered in this field with our years of experience. How difficult is it […]
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If your nonprofit group is looking for funds to launch a worthwhile project, you should know how to make a good written request. Whether your program aims to ease poverty, improve literacy rate, build housing project, or provide food to the needy, you must understand that getting any help from funding sources is never easy. […]
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After spending long hours doing research, planning, and writing, nothing can be more frustrating than a rejected application. If you have been doing these things for years and still fail to receive a positive response from grantors, allow these proposal writing tips help you create a good and effective one. Know the goals of your […]
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