Grant opportunities for nonprofit organizations are one way for them to materialize their noble works. Free monies are their great source to ease the burdens of poor people and put an end to the issue. Through these funds, they can help a nation and its people pull through socio-economic problems. Doing a Good Cause Poverty, illiteracy, […]
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Most children in grade school, particularly boys, wish to be in the military when they grow up, so that they could protect and serve the country. They are fascinated with the looks of a man in uniform, with big guns in their hands. As they mature, they slowly fulfill this dream by enrolling in a […]
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Every person needs a home to live in. Simply defined as a place to rest, grow, and age. Living in your own home promotes safety, stability, and comfort to the whole family. Aside from this, having a home produces greater self-esteem for adults, which, in turn, gives more positive home ambiance for children. There are […]
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Are there grants for nonprofit organizations helping senior citizens? With the aim to ease the weakness of the aging group, of course, there are funding for these noble works.  In fact, there are foundations that invest on the happiness and quality life of senior citizens. Most senior citizens live through chronic diseases and loneliness. If […]
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One of the most challenging tasks of a nonprofit organization running an afterschool program is looking for funding sources. Resources are needed to sustain or expand endeavors that serve school-age children and their families as well. As a grant seeker, you need to be aware of a range of considerations that will guide philanthropic individuals […]
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Are you a pet lover? Are you aware that there are people who kill them just for the sake of fun and research? Take action now and make use of the animal welfare grants to help and save our furry friends from the cruel hands of some beast-like people. Read on and know where to […]
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Fire is a disaster that can wipe out lives and properties. This often takes place in hot seasons. Unlike earthquakes and tsunamis, you can keep it from happening. Thus, local communities search for fire prevention grants. These grant funding for nonprofits equip them to fight fire. Searching Grant Funding For Nonprofits If you are a […]
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After finishing the proposal, grant writers then immediately move to the most arduous step: researching for potential funders for the project. Finding potential funding sources for the grant proposal eats up a lot of time: Guidelines must be carefully read. Guidelines are lengthy and most of the time, projects do not fit an organization’s grant-making […]
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Poverty is a widespread condition in the world where people are unable to afford even the basic human needs such as food, water, shelter, clothing, and health care. Poor people continue to suffer because they lack the skills and knowledge needed to help them escape and overcome poverty. Indeed, without education, these families especially children […]
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Searching for non profit grant opportunities on the Internet is no easy task. Apart from writing the proposal, you have to look for open grants that will fund your program. Finding the right funder could be easy. But search engines spew out broad funding sources that make the process tough. There are also articles that […]
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