Are you planning to start an arts program but you lack funds? Don’t worry because there arts and culture grants that await creative projects. Culture stems from a broad definition that characterizes a country to act in union on what they believe in. Art, on the other hand, is a set of thematic and sub-cultural […]
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K-12 is the foundation of learning. It is the start of molding youth to make them become good citizens. This educational scheme is applied not only in the US, but also in some parts of the world. Despite the perks that it offers to students, however, many still don’t go to school for a wide […]
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At present, perhaps due to the neglect of people, more and more abrupt events like storms, floods, forest fire, and cyclones are occurring. Indeed, they are inevitable and no one can control them. No one is able to predict what will happen either. It is also a sad fact that their effects linger longer with […]
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Grant application is a tough competition to face. There are factors why funders reject your grant request. So, to save your funding quest from failure, you better keep these ten helpful tips in mind: 1. Create a qualified e-mail address. Review your e-mail. If your e-mail address casts a bad light, create a new one. […]
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Like those old superstitions and tales about vampires, ghosts, or any supernatural creatures that thrived back then, grant writing also has its own share of myths or false beliefs. There are half true or even false in nature. Know the grant writing basics now! Myths Debunked Here are some of the beliefs that most individuals […]
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Admit it or not, we all want to get free money. There are certain beliefs about grants, but not all of them are true. Here’s a grant writing 101 to debunk the most common misconceptions one by one. Here are some of the myths that we have come across: Grants are for free. Although it may […]
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Did you ever ask what would move reviewers to turn the pages of your proposal? Imagine a stack of 300 grants to review and a limited time to do it. If you place yourself in their shoes, what will you do? You might sort out things based on appeal or impression, right? Competition will be […]
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Everyone dreams of having a business. But having a good idea of which business type to put up is only a part of a long, tough process. Business owners hoping to expand their ventures and even budding entrepreneurs knew that the lack of money prevent them from pursuing their business goals. While the government offers […]
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People with Disabilities or PWDs are just like any other person. They share the same rights so being a PWD should never be a hindrance to success. There are grants for education that can help you finish college and achieve your dreams. Disability may have various meanings depending on one’s view. It’s a “stumbling block” […]
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As an entrepreneur who wants to launch or expand a business, you will surely need money to make either of these goals come true. Aside from human resources and time, capital is one of the vital elements that you need to succeed in these ventures. Without it, you won’t be able to purchase supplies and […]
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