How does branding help a non-profit? Does it really do them good? “Increasingly, major donors view the checks they write as “investments” rather than as charitable giving. They’re looking for organizations through which they can realize their (ideally, shared) vision. A strong brand can help build the connection, relevance, and resonance needed to drive decisions […]
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Applying for a grant is one of the ways that most persons and firms look to in order to fund their projects. Other options are applying for loans from banks and/or private lenders. Why opt for grants? Some firms such as small to medium businesses and non-profit groups prefer applying for grants than loans. It […]
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Be aware that there are scammers who have turned to grant writing that only aim to trick clients for money. So before you turn to grant writing companies, you should check first their credibility. This is to make sure that you will get a true grant proposal writing service. To search for a real grant […]
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Janitorial service is a business that provides a one-time or regular cleaning to homes and business facilities of any size. Its success is attributed to hard work, good service, honesty, and dedication of the one who performs the hard task of cleaning. Truly, this type of business is profitable. Hence, many people intend to own […]
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Let us help promote the welfare of animals. Read on and know how grant proposals can contribute to this humble objective. Dogs are man’s best friend. Aside from cats, they are the common pets that you can see in almost every household. They run, bark, and play with their owners in the garden. Dogs vary […]
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Have you ever thought about the difference between grants and loans? You may think that they are interchangeable since they mean the same thing: money. As a grant seeker, you may choose between applying for a loan or a grant. These two options are alike since they both finance your proposed project. However, they are distinct […]
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When you hit the road looking for funds to finance your project, keep in mind that donors give money to people, not organizations. Raising big amounts of money lies not in the number of letters you send, but in the number of prospective donors you can befriend in a long-term and on an ongoing basis. […]
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At this age when the economy is still not in its perfect shape, the need for funding grants is still on the run. In fact, a lot of profit, non-profit, and private groups in the U.S. rely on grants to fund and fulfill their projects, missions, and goals. But of course, not all grants are […]
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The US government provides equal chances regardless of an individual’s background. Even if you are a member of a minority group, you also get fiscal support. Known as minority grants, this aims to inspire you and other minority business owners to start and/or expand ventures. The US sets a budget per year to support your success. […]
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Natural disasters can occur anytime and anywhere without any warning. Since they are hard to foresee, people can just hope and pray that these will not happen in their place. When a disaster strikes, no one will be spared; the only thing that people can do is to always be ready. Natural disasters include floods, […]
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