Commercial Vendor

There has been a great deal of commercial vendors seeking grant for their customers or target markets. Their difficulty to sell their products and services, particularly with federal and non-profit clientele, prompts them to resort to proposal writing service or to a professional writer. This actually works two ways. When the request has been approved, the customer receiving the funds can purchase the service(s) and product(s) being offered by the seller. Through this purchasing power, the sellers are then able to make their offers and eventually profit from them. This is a typical picture of helping others to help you with your goals.

This two-way benefit system is integral to keeping an uninterrupted activity in the business market. Product and service development and all its accompanying activities will be rendered futile if its target market cannot readily access the offer. A target market, meanwhile, cannot proceed with all its activities if it lacks a significant service or product.

Recent Commercial Grant Proposals We've Written

  • Help for non-profit organizations to purchase TeacherTold complete program and an educational tool for teachers
  • Assistance to small business owners to acquire dry goods being produced by local farmers
  • Manufacturer’s help for a rural cooperative in Nebraska to acquire fertilizers
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