Free Government Grants

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The U.S. Government is giving away grants to low-income individuals and families to help them cope with the current recession. It is part of the government’s stimulus plan to improve the economy. However, thousands of dollars go unclaimed in government grants because people are not informed of the available grants or they do not believe that the government can give free money.

According to Free Government Grants web site, here is the partial list of Government Grants:

– Tuition assistance for undergraduate and graduate students
– Money for students who wish to become teachers worth $30,000.00
– Financial assistance for students who wish to become bilingual education teachers
– Money of $6,000.00 plus tuition and fees for teachers to return and get a graduate degree
– A college student can receive a $1,500.00 grants per year
– Money for undergraduate or graduate students in health, science, or mathematics worth $7,500.00 a year
– Money for women and minorities to go to graduate school worth $7,200.00 per year
– White students who wish to attend black colleges can receive free tuition fee
– Financial assistance for high school students who are in the top 15 percent of their class
– Financial assistance for high school students who are in the top 20 percent of their class
– Money for accounting, veterinary and students pursuing 19 other professional careers worth $5,000.00
– Free tuition to children of law enforcement and firefighters killed in the line of duty
– Financial assistance for dependents of veterans killed or disabled in military service
– Financial assistance for students who wish to attend private college
– Internship to work towards your major
– Summer jobs in government for high school and college students
– Money to attend private college
– Money for flight training
– Money for students and teachers to travel and study overseas
– Tuition, books, and fees for Vietnam Veterans
– Government grants to students with 25 percent Native American Blood
– Grants to scholars with a grade point average of 3.01 or better
– Grant money to attend community college
– Grants for minorities going to school full-time or part-time
– Tuition, fees, and daycare for the disabled
– Money for students studying to become dental hygienists, midwives, therapists, and speech language pathologists worth $15,000.00
– Grants to students with high Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores
– Grants to study law, medicine, dentistry, nursing, or pharmacy
– Money for part-time students
– Grants for tuition, room, and board
– Money for child care while you go to school or work part time
– Money to go to school if you lose your job in a small town
– Money for students who are studying areas of national need
– Money for women and minority students to go to graduate school
– Scholarships for computer science, mathematics, and engineering students
– Money for students who wish to study early childhood education and violence counseling
– Money for students interested in careers in public service
– Money for high school and college students to study and travel during the summer worth $2,500.00
– Health education assistance loans
– Health professional scholarships for American Indians
– Money to train to become a nurse anesthetist
– Financial assistance for disadvantaged health professional students
– Money for minorities pursuing a health profession education
– Money for disadvantaged students to study nursing
– Grants for pediatric primary care residency training
– Money for health care students who wish to train in rural areas
– Money for health care students who wish to study job safety and health
– Scholarships for National health Service Corps
– Health professionals student loansMoney to train to be a professional nurse
– Nursing student loans
– Grants for graduate training in family medicine
– Scholarships for students in child development
– Scholarships for students in exceptional financial assistance
– Money for dental students for advanced residency training
– Grants for nurse anesthetists
– Grants to states to give scholarships to those who wish to serve the community
– Money for health professionals who wish to be in public health
– Scholarships for health care professionals
– Money for American Indians who wish to be a health care professional
– Money for American Indians who need extra studies before acceptance into a health care program
– Money for American Indians to attend school
– and the list goes on!

To be able to receive grants or loans from the government, you just need to apply for the available government grants. Each grant program has its own specific application instructions and requirements; you must religiously follow these instructions to increase your chances to receive the assistance.

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