Grant Application: Boost Your Grant Seeking to Success

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grant applicationAre you looking for a funding source? Grants will be the best choice for you don’t have to repay the money given to you. So in order to catapult your grant application to success rather than falling into the traps, there are tips to help you succeed in your grant seeking journey.

Grant Application Tips

Tip One: Be a matchmaker.

Find out if the grant program you are applying for matches well with your goals and objectives in writing a proposal. In order to do this, get all the info you need about the foundation or agency that give funds.

Tip Two: Follow instructions.

The easiest way to get a rejection is to totally ignore the instructions. Most funding sources have their own application guidelines, so be sure to follow them. Provide all the info required and set the documents based on the required margins, line spacing, font, size, page numbering, and so on.

If the requirements are unclear and you doubt whether you need to include something or not, do not hesitate to call up and ask questions from the particular funding agency.

Tip Three: Fill up the forms.

When you fill up forms, use those generated by the funding sources. One smart way is to get extra copies that you can use as a draft or make duplicates of the original. To save yourself from the possible trouble of going through it all, you may ask what is allowed or not because some funders strictly want their own forms to be used.

Tip Four: Prepare an exact budget plan.

When requesting funds, you can increase your chance of success if you exactly list down all the items needed and their corresponding costs. Include numbers, brand names, and suppliers if possible.

This will show funders that you are honest and serious, because you reveal where and how the money will be spent. This makes funding sources feel that you add value to their money’s worth.

Tip Five: Be specific and factual.

In writing your proposal, do not speak in general and emotional terms. An accurate description of your plan helps the funding source find out its final outcome.

Tip Six: Help your proposal go through the process.

There may be hundreds like who are you applying to get a grant from the same funding source. This means that the reviewer is reading and evaluating several other proposals aside from the one you already submitted.

Be sure to label all sections, search for vital definitions, and include titles, graphs, and tables in your proposal. Remember that the evaluation process would take longer if your proposal is not easy to read.

Tip Seven: Get a third party reader.

Ask a willing third party to read your final draft. Listen to their comments and suggestions to improve readability. This also helps you to spot grammatical and spelling errors, which consequently allows you to revise the copy before submission.

Being diligent in following instructions may be a little tedious, but it can surely help you achieve your desired results in the grant seeking process. Don’t be impatient. Try your best to comply with the guidelines for preparing and submitting your grant application. In the end, you will reap the results of your diligence and patience.

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