Grant Opportunities for Nonprofit Organizations Working for a Global Cause

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Grant opportunities for nonprofit organizations are one way for them to materialize their noble works. Free monies are their great source to ease the burdens of poor people and put an end to the issue. Through these funds, they can help a nation and its people pull through socio-economic problems.

Doing a Good Cause

Poverty, illiteracy, hunger, and homelessness are common problems that can weaken a nation.  If they grew worst, it will affect many lives. As a result, it will be hard to achieve nation’s growth.

People who are in these conditions lack the means to stand and make their lives better. Thus, they need help to change their way of living and survive. But, they cannot solve this crisis alone. They also need others to attain a viable and long-term solution.

Nonprofits spearhead the change and bring worldwide progress. They address a problem that undermines a country, above all the third-world one. They bring solutions to mend many distressed lives. In doing so, they also look for funds to make their projects happen.

Searching Grant Opportunities for Nonprofit Organizations

If you are a nonprofit serving those who are in need, you may seek others help, too. The government and private funders is your allies in doing good deeds to others. They fund projects that have good impact to the people and nation.

Here are foundations that can fund your programs:

Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

It gives entrepreneurs with $100,000 for three years. It funds projects that create global impact. It also finances programs that can have global success. You may visit for more info.

Skoll Foundation

It invests its time on social entrepreneurs that bring large-scale impact on environment, global peace, economy, and health. You may visit to apply for grants.

Global Fund for Women

A women-centric group that upholds fiscal well-being, health, education, and leadership values of women. It funds projects that end social inequities among women across the globe. You may go at to apply for grants.

The Alcatel-Lucent Foundation

Its grant focus on literacy programs and employee volunteerism on a worldwide scale. It also funds projects that care for the environment and preserve it. Visit to know the giving process.

Bridge Foundation

It helps countries get back from disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. It pairs with nonprofits that improve the lives of helpless victims. You may go at to know more details.

Visit these sites and know the guidelines in applying for grants. Follow their rules and write a good proposal. If you need help, you may turn to grant writing services.

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