Grant Writers: AGW Scribes for a Purpose

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Today’s dwindling economy drives for- and non-profits groups to seek help from government and private funders. Once there are few, but now there are thousands of competitors vying for one grant. As such, most of them hire grant writers to do a compelling proposal for them.

But the irony is that the neediest of them all can’t pay for an expert writer. In this case, AlliedGrantWriters (AGW) offer quality services at an affordable cost.

The Aims of AGW’s Grant Writers

Why we are doing this? We do this because of these reasons:

We want a positive change.

Doing the proposals for you is not just our way of making a living. It is also our way of doing our part to make this world a better place. Our craft comprises of making funders believe in your cause and convincing them to take action. Hence, we believe that the power of our words will go a long way.

We believe grant writing don’t need to be costly.

Expert service and effective proposal don’t need to be like a costly investment. Sometimes, all it takes is some passion for a writer to make a very convincing and moving proposal. The secret for a winning and costless piece is to psyche up the one who creates it. In truth, a few people will paint for money; and there are fewer who will create a winning proposal just because the cash inspired them.

We vow to help. 

Advocacies is our passion. Knowing that there are determined people who shed efforts just to win a cause inspire us to do better for them. This is the 21st century when seldom do people think about other’s needs and condition. This is the 21st century where charity is being done most of the time with people in holier-than-thou attitude. And it elates us to see that these people work for a better change despite limited resources.

How we are doing this?

We provide premium grant writing services at a very low cost.

Unlike other companies and service providers, AGW is not just for the money. We want to help you. That’s why we make our services affordable for you. Not just that, we are giving our full efforts to make it stand out among the others who are also sending theirs to the same funder.

We ensure that your message and advocacies will be conveyed as we compose the proposal.

Your proposal won’t just be a plain document asking for help. It will be a paper sharing about your beliefs and dreams. We make sure that everything we include in the paper will serve its purpose: to make other people share, or at least sympathize on what you believe.

We value people.

What makes our writings strong is that there is an element of humanity in it. Every bit should explain and not condemn those who will read them. Our concern is the people and how they will understand you as a human being. AGW upholds and values the virtues that will be involved on the selection process.

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