Knight Foundation Recognizes Outstanding Innovation Projects

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Cambridge, MA — Knight News Challenge has awarded grants to 12 media innovation projects on June 16, 2010 as a part of the fourth round of the five- year international contests.

With a total of $2.74 million, this year’s winners were mostly business and private enterprises. One of the winning ideas was a mapping tool used to locate areas that needed help. This was tested at Haiti after the earthquake that killed 250,000 individuals.

Knight Foundation President Alberto Ibarguen said that democracy can well serve the community by means of a free flow of shared information. “Until someone figures out the next big thing – the next killer app that might provide blockbuster connectivity and information sharing to masses of people – we can use the Knight News Challenge to experiment with ways to learn how to think in different ways about information sharing so we might discover the future of news,” he further added.

The announcement of winners was made at the Future of News and Civic Media Conference in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where past and present awardees gather to discuss and share new ideas and developments.

In the past four years, Knight Foundation has funded 50 projects, totaling to $23 million.

Source: Knight News Challenge

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