Lake County Animal Shelter Eliminates Gas Chamber Use

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Denver — In support of the decision of Lake County Sheriff Robert Hilts and Senior Animal Control Officer Amy Bush to divert from the gas chamber method to euthanasia by injection (EBI), the American Humane Association has awarded the shelter with $1,600.

The grant will be used by the shelter for its transition to EBI and gas chamber removal as well as the acquisition of the initial supplies and instruments needed for EBI.

EDI, according to American Humane, is the only humane and acceptable way of euthanizing shelter animals. Though adoption and spay/neutering is encouraged, euthanasia is inevitable especially for certain cases when the animal is suffering or cannot be adopted.

According to Dori Villalon, American Humane’s Vice President of Animal Protection, adoption can reduce the need for euthanasia in most animal shelters. However, when the need for euthanasia arises, gas chamber is not the most preferred thing to do. “But we believe that the use of gas chambers is an outdated and unnecessary method. We applaud Lake County for its decision to stop this practice, and we strongly encourage the remaining nine counties and one township in Michigan that still use gas chambers to follow Lake County’s lead and take advantage of an American Humane grant to transition to EBI,” Villalon further added.

American Humane Association is the only national organization dedicated to protecting both children and animals from neglect and abuse.

Source: Reuters News

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