Million Worth of Funding Allocated for Drainage Improvements

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Washington, DC- The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has awarded the City of McAllen more than $1.35 million to help to alleviate flooding by improving the drainage system.

In a statement given by Congressman Henry Cuellar of Texas, the flooding has long been an issue ever since. He is aware that this environmental problem has even get worse due to poor drainage system.

According to him, federal dollars are extremely important particularly to the Rio Grande Valley. It is one of the many locations greatly affected by flooding. This place is easily inundated every time the area receives an excessive amount of rain.

Consequently, the Congressman is highly impressed with McAllen City Mayor Richard Cortez and its council members for actively seeking these funds that will greatly benefit area residents.

Mayor Cortez, meanwhile, expressed his appreciation to Congressman Cuellar’s efforts for making the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Award possible. He stressed that the $1.35million will greatly assist the City of McAllen in addressing the infrastructure needs of the Retiree Haven Subdivision located at S. 10th Street just south of Military Highway. Furthermore, the implementation of these funds will improve the quality of life for our residents.”

Upon constructing a more improved drainage system, the whole structure will have a curb and gutter, storm sewer network, storm water detention pond with pumping station, and an outfall force main system.

Drainage in the McAllen area is limited due to lack of topographic relief, slow draining soils, and the absence of natural watercourse. Due to these natural restrictions, manmade channels and/or storm water pump stations are the only passage of water; thus, resulting in slow down flow of floods.


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