Mini-Grant Proposal

(Custom fitted with a funding source provided by the client)

Mini-grants are brief and concise, yet comprehensive enough to describe and explain the qualities of the applicant, the problem that exists, and the proposed plan to help resolve that problem. It can be in letter format or in narrative form depending on the requirement of the funder.

We offer this exclusively to clients who have already pre-chosen a funder to contact. Searching for potential funders is one of the tedious processes involved in writing a non-expedited, standard funding application. This is the process that is not featured in this service, giving it a quicker turnaround time. Basically, this involves only the writing process:

Number of Pages Per Funder Turnaround Time
(Business days)
2-3 2-3 Days $200
4-5 4-5 Days $300
6-7 6-7 Days $400
8-9 8-9 Days $500
9-10 9-10 Days $600

Number of pages per funder
Each funding organization has a set of requirements/guidelines for the submission of applications that they accept and the number of pages is commonly one of them.

Turnaround time
The turnaround time depends on the number of pages required by a funding entity. Consequently, if you wish to submit your application to many organizations and it is about 3 pages long, the longer it will also take us to finish and deliver the product to you.

Recent Mini Grant Proposals We've Written

  • Development of disability measurement software for $100,000
  • Operation of a spiritual medicine center in Texas for $20,000
  • Construction of a dance studio in Hawaii for $150,000
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