The causes and advocacies of majority of non-profit organizations have always been supported by different sectors and groups. Their intention to create a life-changing impact and to implement a wide-range of benefits speaks loud that they obtained various forms of support. This is the reason why most private foundations and federal agencies make them their key targets for giving out monies. They support initiatives that are aligned with their own objectives and those that exercise social responsibility.

Generally, projects that deal with poverty, health, education, housing, food, children, minority, elderly, environment, technology, and research and development win the approval of most funding organizations. In some cases, geography is not a concern at all because there are funding organizations that do not have any restriction in their geographic focus. They even extend their assistance to projects in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Nepal, Sudan, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, and other third world countries.

Recent Non-Profit Proposals We've Written

  • Federal projects, with a budget ranging from a few hundred to a million dollar, that focused on refugee immigrants in San Antonio, Texas
  • Establishment of a performing arts center in New Jersey to develop and hone local performers with a budget of around $85,000.
  • Start up funding for alternative therapeutic services, specifically a spa and massage business, in Thailand through the assistance of a private US-based non-profit organization with $40,000 budget
  • Project in North and Central Florida that provides a wide range of services to veterans returning home from war for a budget request of around $300,000
  • Renovation project for homeless provider to veterans through the Veterans Administration capital and per diem program in the amount of $520,000
  • Second Chance Act Adult Mentoring program in Ohio in the amount of $300,000
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