Private Grants: Exploring the Free Listings

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Private Grants

When the government is lacking source to fund its people, private grants are another option to pursue. Noble persons and firms with a good heart often offer this kind of grants to create progress. Most the grants are open for education, but some are keen to promote economic growth.

These grants do not need basis but still have requirements for the seekers to meet. For instance, there are grants that conform on a student’s school rating. A seeker for a college grant needs to attain certain grade point average, depending on the grantor’s guidelines, to be worthy.

Yearly, nonprofit groups and other funding firms invest large amounts of money in trades whose focus is to create socially helpful projects. But like any other funding firm, private grants have their own set of pros and cons.

One good thing for this type of grant is the cheap money. Requests for private grants do not require you to provide the equity in exchange for the grant. Thus, you are not forced to repay the grant money.

Firms that Offer Private Grants

The biggest challenge in pursuing a grant is getting them. Most funding firms follow a systematic process to make sure that a firm or person is worthy of their grant money. This process often puts the seekers through a lengthy and tough process with a very unclear chance of success. Below are some of the resources to look for free listing of firms that offer private grants:

  • Candid started in 1965 and about 550 groups are supporting its goals. Grant makers, seekers, scholars, officials, media, and the public always visit this web site. It features and gives online info resources to a complete database of funding firms in the U.S.
  • is another great resource to explore when in need of funding firms. Based in the United Kingdom, it is created to promote and assist the projects by volunteers and community groups. Grant seekers based in UK can make the most out of this web site because it caters U.K. organizations. Note that they do not give grants.
  • is an online, sustainable design and decision-making tool for pros in the building industry and socially responsible users. It offers a roster of private funding firms that offer help to green living and building.
  • The Michigan State University Libraries also offers a variety of links to various funding firms. Most of the funding groups listed on the web site limit their funding to the state of Michigan. The web site is divided into various sections; thus, might give you trouble in searching for the list of grants. You can visit this direct link and it will lead you to the list of grants page. Just chose the one where you think your project belongs and it will bring you to a page where you will need to choose the set of subjects that best describes your firm.
  • The online library of the Southern Utah University likewise offers links to hundreds of nonprofit groups using this direct link. The groups and firms are neatly organized from A to Z.
  • also compiles a wide variety of funding groups listed in various categories. It is an online service created to provide nonprofit groups, colleges and schools info on online funding resources.

For more info about grants and grant writing, you can check out our blogs page.

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