Top Foundations Back Efforts to Change US Food Policy

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Eight of the world’s top foundations launched the AGREE initiative last May 3. AGree’s goal is to transform food and agriculture policy in the US. This is to handle issues resulting from the continuous increase of the world’s population; thus, constraining available resources.

The launching of the initiative follows estimates from experts of a 38 percent increase of the world’s population, which is currently at approximately 7 billion with 925 million people considered under-fed or suffering from under-nutrition. There are already shortages in fresh water and land suitable for farming, as well as reports of overall environmental degradation.

The AGREE initiative intends to place more emphasis on scientific research and analysis, and dialogue between different sectors, such as industrial food producers and smaller organic farmer. AGREE will also give more importance on exchange of ideas from organizations concerned with the environment, healthcare, rural economies, energy, and other areas which are often neglected in current agriculture policy-making.

AGREE, which has a web site at, is supported by:

–          Ford Foundation;

–          Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation;

–          The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation;

–          The David and Lucile Packard Foundation;

–          W.K. Kellogg Foundation;

–          The McKnight Foundation;

–          Rockefeller Foundation; and

–          The Walton Family Foundation.



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