Six Instances When You Should Write a Grant

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write a grantWhen you are sparking a good cause but you don’t have any idea on how to get the finance needed to support it, there must be those thoughts that you might never be able to attain it. Especially if you’ve been dedicating your efforts and achievement to that noble cause, you know you need to write a grant when:

6 Instances When You Should Write A Grant

1. When you’re passionate.

The best time to compose the proposal is when you’re feeling the surge to do everything it takes to make everything work. You’ll never run out of words when you strongly feel about what you write about. Start with a fire. In that way, it is easier to put your feelings and reasoning into words. Passion is the key ingredient to starting up something great. Believe that through the power of words and clear communication, you can spark a positive change in your life and the people around you.

2. When you need the money.

What made people hesitant to ask for money even if they need it? Decide now whether you really needed to be funded. If yes, there is no reason to hinder you in finding a grant that suits your needs. Write the proposal. It’s not the money you’re seeking after all. It’s a pass to a brighter tomorrow. Don’t forget that you’re not aiming to write for personal gain but also for the others who are depending on you. Project in your writing that you have the credibility and trustworthiness when it comes to managing finances.  Before you knew it, you are being trusted for the fund.

3. When your friends think you deserve the fund.

Having competitors for the grant is just part of it. However you may view it, if your friends think that you deserve the financial aid, you must give it a try. It’s better to lose on competition with other more deserving benefactors than lose the competition because you didn’t even write a proposal. There is one step between succeeding and failing- that is trying. If you have trodden far enough, push the pen and write the 10-pages of proposal with your whole diligence.

4. When there is no other way.

No one has to convince you in this case. If you ever felt that locked-up, broke feeling, then there are only two things that can hinder you from grabbing a keyboard and start writing your proposal: fear and laziness. The only way to make things happen is to ditch off the negative attitude and face the only option. You have every reason to support your cause by composing the proposal. This tells you of course, that you write a grant when there is no other way.

5. When something must be done.

Have you ever had this bright idea in mind that never happened because you lack resources? If you experienced being stagnant and powerless to create an impact, why not try the power of your thoughts in writing a proposal? Go and deliver a feasible prose that can convince why you’re idea is worthy of the price.

6. When the need is an exact fit to a grantor.

Those who are in need search for somebody who will give them help. Now, finding somebody who’s looking for a deserving person to help is but rare. If you scribbled across the web and found about somebody who’s looking for a cause to fund, take the chance. Write a grant when there’s a grantor. It makes sense. It doesn’t when you refuse to grab an opportunity that’s already right in front of you.

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