The U.S. federal government and some non-governmental and private organizations provide funding for small business owners and entrepreneurs. They do not, however, provide funds to all interested applicants. What they do is extend their financial help to particular groups or organizations, projects, and programs. In most instances, a ‘business grant’ is provided to women and minority-owned, green projects, and to social entrepreneurs. Take the Small Business Administration for example. This federal agency provides financial assistance, but they are commonly awarded to organizations and to schools, colleges, and universities in the form of low interest loans. The same is true for ventures run by social entrepreneurs, which are willingly supported by private foundations, angel investors, and venture capitalists that are very much willing to provide monetary assistance to projects with high social impact. They have certain focus or areas of interest only.

Rarely do funders give money directly to individuals. When they do, the recipient needs to carefully ensure that the spending of the awarded money is consistent with the goals and objectives of a funder. Also, the award almost always covers only a portion of the project’s budget, and not the whole expenses associated with it. This is the reason why we also encourage our clients to submit funding application to multiple funders for them to increase their chances of obtaining the fund they need.

In making your application, you can easily secure your edge by preparing an effective business proposal. We know how complicated it is to convince a funder to fund a for-profit project. But with our writers’ expertise, everything can be carefully put together to make your project or program worthy of a funder’s attention and approval.

Recent Business Grant Proposals We've Written

  • NIH programs for biomedical innovation projects by a foreign-based company that has ties with US based corporations with budget requests that sum up to a total of almost a million dollar for all its projects
  • Expansion of a real estate wind turbine farm construction to produce source of power for a private village in Michigan with a budget need of $1.6 million
  • Establishment of an assisted living facility in Delaware for $28,230.00
  • Renovation of a food and commodity import and export company in Massachusetts for $165,753

§Establishment of an assisted living facility in Delaware for $28,230.00

§Renovation of a food and commodity import and export company in Massachusetts for $165,753

§Startup tanning salon in Florida for $251,548.00

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