Grant Writing Questions (FAQs)

You may have several questions about grant writing and our services. Get the right information on what we do and what we can offer. Learn more about the frequently asked grant writing questions and our answers to them.

What is grant?

It is “free” money from the government and private charities you never have to pay back.

Who are eligible to apply for grant funds?

Most people thought that grants are only for persons with disability, women, and the elderly. On the contrary, anyone is eligible to apply, as long as he/she or his/her organization qualifies under these categories:


  • Non-profit, as determined by the Internal Revenue Service
  • With programs that benefit a larger part of the population of a certain community; or promote medical, technological, environmental, religious, intellectual, or scientific advancements/innovations and/or general goodwill


  • U.S. citizens or permanent residents, at the time of application; 18 years old and above (for federal grants)
  • With grant programs that benefit a larger part of the population of a certain community or promote medical, technological, environmental, religious, intellectual, or scientific advancements, and/or general goodwill

Can we spend the grant money for other purposes?

You can only use the grant funds according to the purpose(s) stated in your application or proposal. If the fund is for building a house, you must spend it for that very purpose and not for your personal needs. For this reason, funding organizations require a detailed budget plan to guarantee that grantees will spend the money wisely. Likewise, most foundations demand a monitoring of the first month of operations and even the whole program period. This makes sure everything goes as stated in the proposal. They ask the grantee to submit a grant report to show how they have spent the funds and what they have achieved through the grant.

Is a grant the answer to my entire financial problem?

No. A grant application poses hard work and tight competition. Hence, answer these questions first, before you apply for one:
  • Can fundraising solve my problem? Try fundraising, first, before requesting for grants. It may give you faster results.
  • Can I apply for loans? Think of applying for loans before seeking grants. Only applicants with bad credit cannot get a loan approval.

Why do government and private organizations give out monies?

The federal government gives out money to people/entities that can point out the benefits of their proposed program(s) such as generating more jobs and reducing homelessness and poverty in the country. As jobs increase, more people will pay their taxes and this will enable the government to support infrastructures for the development of states, cities, and counties. Taxes help the government complete its programs such as granting loans and giving assistance and services to the public. Private organizations give financial assistance to individuals and organizations that share the same mission and vision as them. These help them fulfill their mission better and let them utilize their resources further as they carry out their social responsibilities.

Can we apply for funding anytime?

Most funds are available only during specific periods. Not all grants are obtainable throughout the year. It is best to know the schedule of funding institutions to accept, review, and approve grant proposals before applying with them.

Can we have a proposal and submit it to all organizations that we consider?

Foundations and grantors support different programs and missions to help the community. We advise applicants to determine the program a grantor funds before considering submitting an application with them. Each funding organization’s grant giving activity supports or have the inclination to support an applicant’s program(s) that it also pursues. Check their “Eligibility Requirements” or “Criteria for Funding” before applying with them to make sure you qualify for the grant.

Can I apply for several grants all at the same time?

Yes. You can submit your application to different grant programs, all at the same time, as long as you or your organization and your program(s) match(es) the requirements of each funder. You must also tender your application by the funder’s deadline, if there is any.

After approval of my grant application, when do I receive the funds?

Never assume you can have the funds as soon as you get the grantor’s approval. Funding organizations follow a course for releasing funds. They release funds after a few weeks or months. They announce it or mention it on their guidelines.

Why do I need to hire professional grant writers or specialists to write my proposal?

Acquiring funds requires hard work. You must consider many factors to gain support and the attention of funding organizations to approve your request. Given these instances, one needs expertise in grant writing. Professional writers understand the need of every applicant for funding. They are knowledgeable in converting your ideas into effectively written proposals.

What is an effective proposal?

The federal government and funding organizations award financial assistance to grant applicants with proposals that create social change and development in their communities and nearby areas. Therefore, an effective grant proposal explains, in full detail, the worth of a particular program. It captures and converts into words the ideas and/or plans of organizations or individuals.

How long will it take you to write the proposal?

The turnaround time depends on the package you purchased. The Starter Package takes about 10 business days to write. The Basic Package, on the other hand, takes 15 business days to finish. Likewise, the Deluxe Package takes about 20 business days and the Premium Package requires 30 business days.

We also accept clients that already have a funder. If you must submit an application with a specific deadline, we can work on it under certain conditions. But we will not accept orders that are due in less than seven (7) business days from the time you have placed your order with us. We decline clients with such a short notice because we do not want to compromise the quality and delivery of our outputs.

Grant writing takes time because aside from rigorous analysis and intensive research, we must also organize and check every grant detail to validate its need and ensure its value to your application.

What can I expect to see in standard and custom-fitted proposals?

The table below illustrates what you can expect to see in custom-fitted and standard Allied Grant Writers proposals:
Proposal Narrator
The sections/compositions of a custom-fitted grant proposal will follow the guidelines and submission requirements set by the funding organization chosen by the client. This may not include the sections found in a standard Allied Grant Writers proposal. As such, the proposal’s number of pages will be based on what is required by the prospective funder. Pricing of a custom-fitted proposal will be based on the grant application details and the requirements of the grantor. Depending on the number of pages and on the amount of grant request, the custom-fitted proposal can be priced as Starter, Basic, Deluxe, or Premium package.
A Standard Allied Grant Writers Grant proposal has the following content:
  • Executive Summary
  • Proposal Narrative, which contains the Overview or Introduction; Location and Demographics; Problem Statement or Needs Assessment; Goals and Objectives; Program Significance; Program Team; Program Methods and Design; and Program Work Plan
  • Budget Plan
Free Grant Application Tools
Letters and other attachments are negotiable with the agent or writer. Normally, other materials included are a guide to grant submission or a sample application form and other narratives you may need. Otherwise, you may arrange for the writing of additional materials with the grant writer.
  • A Two-Page Letter of Intent
  • A One-Page Cover Letter
  • A List containing at least Three Potential Funding Organizations (not available for Starter package)

How credible is Allied Grant Writers in delivering an effective proposal?

We have been in the business for over 10 years now. Within this period, we have had returning clients who have expressed their full satisfaction on the proposals we have created for them.

Our expertise in the field is built on various programs, ranging from science and entertainment to faith-based and general human services. Equipped with the skills and talents, our grant specialists commit to writing effective proposals worthy of funding assistance. Learn more about how we render our services by reading about Allied Grant Writers.

If awarded with the grant money, will Allied Grant Writers ask for a percentage or commission of the funds?

No. We do not ask clients to give us a percentage or part of the grant funds awarded to them. The price(s) we charge is/are fixed and flat. We have no hidden or additional charges other than the rate(s) for the package and, if so, for any additional services you ordered.

Ok, I’m interested! What do I do next?

You can now place your order for our grant writing service. However, we follow a procedure for managing orders. To guide you, please understand how we do our work. Allied Grant Writers can help you create an effective proposal with our grant writing services.
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