Grant Proposal for Single Moms: Samples for the Heroines

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Grant Proposals for Single MomsA single mother is someone who has no one to share the responsibility with regard to raising her child or children. She is the only one who is obliged to provide material, emotional, financial, and physiological needs of her kids.

Most of single mothers have an unstable job or are jobless. Either of the two has been the problem in meeting the needs and expenses for the home and children. Because of their fast-paced life, some single moms don’t have the time and money to finish their education. Most of them just rent an apartment and don’t have their own house. They often have trouble trying to make both ends meet.

The U.S. Census Bureau says there are about 20 million children who are now living with only one parent, either mother or father. But in most cases, they are living with their mother. That is almost one-fourth of the children in the US. Alarmed and concerned by this figure, the government had offered many programs for single mothers. Funding aid is also given to those who are in dire need of financial and educational support.

Is She Eligible?

To qualify for U.S. government grants, a mother should be a resident of the U.S. for more than three years during the time of the application. If the applicant’s husband has legally abandoned her and the children for more than a year, then she can avail of the money. Further, if her illegitimate husband’s identity is unknown, a single mother is entitled for financial aid. All she has to do is to submit all required legal documents, such as her and her child(ren)’s birth certificates, legal divorce papers, loans, and other legal papers available that may be required by a certain funding source.

Examples of Grant Programs


Providing a safe, secured, and comfortable shelter is one of the priorities of mothers. Owning one is also a dream of every single mom. Knowing the fact that most of them only rent an apartment is a proof that this is an added burden to them. Luckily, there are many housing programs exclusively offered to them by the government. These programs provide flexible and affordable housing loans and rentals for low or no-income single mothers. In this way, they can still own a house without worrying where to get a down payment.


How important is it to be educated and have a college diploma? Well, this is probably the most important qualification in securing the desired job. By receiving a funding support, single mothers may now have the chance to go back to school and continue their studies. These educational programs aim to put single mothers back on the right track to give them a chance to a better career and work opportunity.

Why Use Sample Grant Proposal for Single Moms?

Samples of grant requests are really a big help in crafting a proposal for financial aid and scholarship. These may cover housing, books, tuition, transportation, and many other expenses that are related to college schooling, all depend on the funding institution.

With the help of samples of grant proposals for single mothers, they now have the chance to give their children financial support. Their worries will surely be relieved. Above all, they are now empowered.

Write a good proposal for single moms today. If you can’t make one, seek help from expert grant writers.

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