Federal Grant Writing: Why Custom Fit Your Proposal?

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Federal grant proposals (FGPs) go through an extensive review process. And this is just reasonable. After all, these are large sums of monies offered by the government. An FGP, after going through a lengthy and careful review process, may or may not get the nod of a funding source for some valid reasons. Among these reasons include the format of your written request and compliance with the program announcement and guidelines.

What Should I Do?

One thing you should know and should never forget about FGPs is that they must be custom fitted to the preferences of the federal agency from where the grant award will come. However, should a grant activity be offered by the same agency, like the NIH, which sponsors many grant programs at once, it will have the same requirements, criteria, and formatting.

Although federal guidelines may look the same for all grant makers, never think so. There’s always a distinct quality for each type of grant program and federal agency. So, you need to look closely at the funding announcement and/or the set guideline.

Top Categories

1. Criteria for approval
2. Scoring rubric
3. Reviewers (panel review, peer review, etc.)
4. Review process

It is because of these distinct preferences by each agency and/or grant announcement that FGPs should be highly custom-fitted. Moreover, grant reviewers initially and closely look at the composition of a written request prior to actually scoring its contents. So, if they found out that your proposal did not follow the set guidelines or failed to include even a single info, it will be instantly rejected. Hence, you should spend as much time in the review of the guidelines and announcement as in the federal grant writing.

Learn More About Federal Grant Writing

Today, grant programs are posted on the web site of Grants.gov. And this site is so useful that it does not just contain details about the offered programs but it is also used to download forms and upload copies of certain documents. Even with these schemes, making a customized grant request can still help you. Through it, you can easily copy and paste sets of info. This will surely save you time. Just make sure that your prepared document can easily be read by machine when pasted or uploaded to the site.

Can’t make a good written request? Seek help from expert grant writers.

What Can I Expect?

Hiring an expert writing service will give you lots of benefits. Below are some of them:

1. You don’t have to look for sample works online. Expert grant writers know which sections to include or attach even if they differ per funding agency.
2. You can save time because you don’t have to read hundreds of pages to know the instructions. It’s enough for you to grasp the basics.
3. You are sure to receive an excellent output. Writing companies have Proofreading Team to ensure that write-ups are perfectly written.
4. You don’t have to spend much money. Just look for a service provider that offers cheap but quality service.

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