Rush Proposal

Allied Grant Writers understands that there are individuals and organizations that need to have a rush proposal in a matter of two (2) weeks. This is most particularly true during the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the year when majority of federal funding programs are open for application to basically all sectors and types of organizations and individuals. There are also funders that do not have a fixed schedule of application submission. This gives interested individuals and organizations very little time to prepare a funding application to submit once funding organizations announce their program. Furthermore, there are clients who almost want to sign up, but refuse to proceed because of the length of time it will take to finish a copy when turnaround times for packages are considered.
The rates and the number of weeks it will take to receive your expedited paper are as follows:
Duration Cost
2 Weeks
$ 400
3 Weeks
$ 350
4 Weeks
$ 300
5 Weeks
$ 250
6 Weeks
$ 200

This is offered to all clients, regardless of the writing package ordered. This means that all the inclusions (number of proposal pages, cover letter, letter of intent, and list of funding sources) in the package will be retained. The difference is that the price of the additional fee will be based on the amount of time needed to expedite the project (as indicated above) and not on the type of package ordered.

For example, you ordered the Basic package, which costs $697.95 with a normal turnaround time of 2-3 months. You want to have it finished in a matter of 2 weeks, then, you will have to add $400.00 to the cost (which is $697.95) for a total order of $1,097.95.