Getting funds for your project is always quite a challenge. Grant funding is one way, but it won’t always guarantee success. Despite this, many people rely on this method to acquire funding for their cause. Many private firms support various grants for a variety of industries. Federal offices have their own grant programs, too. […]
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How does branding help a non-profit? Does it really do them good? “Increasingly, major donors view the checks they write as “investments” rather than as charitable giving. They’re looking for organizations through which they can realize their (ideally, shared) vision. A strong brand can help build the connection, relevance, and resonance needed to drive decisions […]
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How do nonprofit groups carry out their missions? Where do they get the money for their humanitarian projects?  As they lift the life of the poor, they also need funds for their causes. This is the reason funding for nonprofits are handful. If you are a nonprofit, there are grants for your programs. All you have to […]
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During our childhood years, we were often asked about what we would like to become in the future. Many children would say they’d prefer to become doctor, teacher, pilot, policeman, nurse, and other “common” professions. Each child had his own reasons why he chose a certain career. Many would say they wanted to become a […]
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Education is a vital part of our life. In fact, a person spends an average of 16 years attending school to learn various things that will help him in the future. But based on studies, the length of time spent inside the classroom may not be enough for them to grasp on the subjects and […]
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We all want a decent place to live. But money issues compel us to live and accept an unsafe home. Though we can seek help from charitable groups, we often ask, “How can I get grant money?” If you want a livable and sound house, a grant for home renovation is rewarding one. Are you […]
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Due to the constant increase in the cost of tuition fees, many would be college students these days focus more on earning for a living rather than a degree. As a response to this, many schools and Christian institutions that believe in the value of education have been consistently offering financial aid and programs to […]
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Do you want to renovate your home but you don’t have enough funds to do it? Don’t lose hope. There is still a way to make your plan work. This is through seeking grants for a home improvement project. Improvement can mean anything from painting the walls, doors, and ceilings; fixing up certain parts of […]
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Searching and applying for funding sources is not an easy task. Aside from the fact that it is time-consuming, it is also confusing. Seekers for grants like you will not want to waste time when filling out an application. As much as possible, you want to make sure you have put all the needed info […]
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