A grant is a gift of money. Any person can ask other parties for a grant for personal, nonprofit, or business purposes but not all can get funding. You must first get the grantor’s attention and convince them that your project is worth their time and money. So how do you do it? We asked […]
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When it comes to getting a college degree, tuition will always be a challenging issue to face. If you’re academically great, it won’t be hard to get a scholarship. But what if you’re just an average student? If you are looking for free money to support your studies, you can rely on educational grants to […]
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They say a vision without a plan is just a dream. But how about a plan without funding? Is it not simply a dream as well? As with any project, your vision should not end with just a plan. You need to make sure, too, that you have the people, facilities, and most especially, financial […]
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It’s never easy to execute a project. Besides planning and proposal writing, it takes a lot of patience to seek funding, too. While program development is clearly hard to handle, grant search is the hardest and most challenging of the three. Organizations don’t easily get a guarantee that funders will finance their projects after submitting […]
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Writing a grant proposal is a tough work. It requires one to exert time and effort. Even if you perfect this task and come up with a good output, there is never a guarantee that it will get the nod of the funding sources. There are many reasons why grant seekers fail to get the […]
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When applying for grants, there are normally a lot of things to think through before you submit your proposal. But to help you avoid any grave mistakes, we made a narrow list of the most important things you should know as you apply for government grants. Choose a grantor wisely. Do not assume that because […]
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Grant writing can be one of the most tiresome and mind-boggling deeds of a non-profit group. Apart from needing much time, creating a proposal also look for experts who can communicate, research, and write very well. In such cases, most organizations do hire grant writers to meet these needs in terms of writing proposals for their projects. But what can you gain […]
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Aside from food, shelter, and health care, kids also need education for them to succeed in the future. However, not all parents can send their kids to school. This is why preschool grants play a vital role in helping poor kids through government sectors, nonprofits, and private firms. They allot funds to send kids from […]
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Why did the Obama Administration amend the grant process? Part of it is a new plot for government grant writing. The content and the price are the two key concepts of this. Now, proposals will pass through critics who are more keen and strict in approving grant requests. President Obama has shown his worth to the millions of people who […]
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Nonprofit grants are designed to meet the needs of organizations involved in making a difference in people’s lives. Through the years, they have become a vital source of community development around the world. A grant is not a loan or “free money” but rather a financial aid given only for certain projects that have a […]
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