How to Properly Deal with Grant Proposal Rejection


Grant Proposal RejectionSubmitting a grant proposal to a potential funding source is not all rainbows and butterflies. Grant proposal rejection is an inevitable part of the process. No matter how solid it is in stating the facts or impact of the project, one can always receive a rejection notice. Here some of the reason why such things happen:

Reasons for Grant Proposal Rejection

  • The grantor has exhausted its resources to other projects.
  • The project does not match the grant donor’s scope of interest.
  • The huge amount of grants received has been indefinitely stored for future use.
  • The lack of interest by the board of directors to mutually engage with the project owner.

Proposal writers often give up when the notice hits their mailbox or inbox. Its impact negatively affects the grant seeker to continue with the project. Always keep in mind that a rejected proposal does not mean that the project is not worth funding or not worth pursuing at all.

Just like courtship or college degree application, it is just part of the challenge. Successful projects made it through this phase because their writers knew how to transform shortcomings into an ingredient for success.

Here are some tips in dealing with grant proposal rejection properly:

  • Giving up are only for losers.
    You should not quit. It is not as the world has only one grantor available. List all your options to funding sources willing to share a certain amount to your project.
  • Study the rejection notice.
    Instead of holding grudges, why not take the time to study the letter of rejection. This will allow you to absorb their comments and apply it on the proposal. That way, you could stand a chance against all remaining grant seekers in your region or state.
  • Never close the door for future opportunities.
    The proposal may have been sealed with a fiery rejection stamp today, but the results may change in the future. Never close your windows and doors. Instead, get in touch with them and review the terms again.
  • Do not cry over spilled milk.
    Handle the junked grant proposal professionally. Allow this experience teach you a valuable lesson in life.

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