Grants For Nonprofit Organizations Helping Senior Citizens

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Are there grants for nonprofit organizations helping senior citizens? With the aim to ease the weakness of the aging group, of course, there are funding for these noble works.  In fact, there are foundations that invest on the happiness and quality life of senior citizens.

Most senior citizens live through chronic diseases and loneliness. If they are not bedbound, they live in a place far from their loved ones. To die down the pain, they stare into space or wait for their life to end.

As these elders suffer much, there are nonprofits that shove for the good welfare of elderly people.  They scheme out projects to add more joy and glow to their twilight years. They create programs that  will make their remaining time happy and memorable.

With these noble deeds, it is not surprising to find funders who give for the sake of the elders. Many funders across the US see the needs of America’s aging group. They give grants to nonprofits that spend time and effort on sick and dying senior citizens.

Databases of Grants for Nonprofit Organizations Serving the Aging Group

Aside from money, some funders contribute time, service, and materials. If you seek fund for the benefit of the elders, here are foundations where you can apply for grants.

1. Forever Young Senior Wish Organization.

It became an online wishing well for seniors. It helps the elders realize their unfulfilled dreams. Users do not need a formal proposal. Visitors can submit their wishes in the site’s Wish Ballot.

The web site has links to some of wishes granted for senior citizens who once helped shape and secure America’s rich history. Most of the wishes posted on the site’s “Wishes Granted” part have heart-warming stories. The foundation is able to give life’s comforts to the elders. You may visit and find how they work.

2. Delaware Community Foundation.

Delaware Aging Networks helps Delaware’s elders in pressing on with life as independent citizens of the country. The Foundation aims to award a three-year grant on projects that provide good life to senior citizens. You may go to for more information.

3. The Memorial Foundation.

It awards nonprofits near the area of the Nashville Memorial Hospital. The Foundation has a various program focus, and the elderly is part of their concerns. You may go to to know the giving process.

4. The Daniels Fund.

If your group assists senior citizens to have independence and quality life despite their waning condition, then you may turn to Daniel’s fund. It funds nonprofits that offer home services to senior citizens, programs that engage senior citizens, and facilities that offer palliative and hospice care to a dying senior citizen. Visit to know the giving process.

With all these facts, all you have to do is create a good proposal in getting the fund. An effective grant request will help you convince funders that your program deserve the fund. If you are lost for words, there are grant writing services to help you. They have expert writers who can create a proposal for your need.

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