Finding Grants: Areas Where Grant Monies Go


Relevance of a GrantSome people from around the world need some form of help. The poor, the underprivileged, and those who have been badly affected by disasters and wars need help. They often seek aid from kindhearted entities that are willing to lend a helping hand.

There are many groups that assist people who go through life’s problems. Most of them provide basic human needs: food, shelter, and clothing. However, these groups may not have enough funds to fulfill their goals. The good thing is that they can seek grant from the government, wealthy organizations, and private foundations. But finding grants is no easy task.

What Do I Need to Know?

Grants are funds that support social causes. They do not need to be paid back.

There are certain groups that are eligible to receive grants. These include state governments, local government units, and non-profits. Further, there are areas for which grants are awarded. These include:

  • Disaster Prevention and Relief. Projects that help prevent destructive effects of tragedy receive grants.
  • Humanities. Projects for human services receive grants.
  • Law, Justice, and Legal. Grants are given to programs that provide free legal help for poor people who seek legal help and justice.
  • Science and Tech. Groups that make a research to improve science and technology receive grants.
  • Natural Resources. Grants are given to preserve, protect, and maintain natural resources.
  • Food and Nutrition. Grants are awarded to fairly distribute food to poor families in a target place.
  • Employment, Labor, and Training. Programs that promote employment and training to job seekers receive grants.
  • Environment. Grants are given to projects that aim to solve ecological issues.
  • Education, Health, and Housing. Groups that provide programs on education, health, and housing for less fortunate people always receive support.
  • Agri, Business, and Commerce. Grants are given to non-profits that support land and business owners.

These are just the most common areas that often get funds. Most funding sources are keen on helping “helpless” members of the society. Some offer help for small business owners to sustain their venture. This is because businesses provide new jobs, revenues, and opportunities to improve the economy.

There are also businesses that support non-profits. Giving grants is more than sharing their success, but a way of giving back to the community. Their aid are often intended for:

  • People who suffer from life-long diseases, such as AIDS, breast cancer, and even malnutrition;
  • Agencies that work for environment protection and provide awareness on pollution and deforestation; and
  • Efforts to prepare for disaster.

If you want to receive funding for your project, then take time to research for funding announcements and create your grant proposal.

Finding grants may not be easy but if you present a compelling written request, you will get it and make your goals happen. If you can’t write a good proposal, seek our help.

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