Grant Applications for Seniors: The Untold Story

Growing old is inevitable. As much as I want to evade it, time will lead me there. Yes, being with your loved ones is priceless. Nothing compares to the happiness of spending more years with your family. To watch your children and grandchildren grow. But, I know that along with the aging phase, there are needs that we could not afford. As such, our only resort is to go for grant applications for seniors.

When Age Really Matters

Over the years, I have witnessed how time quickly passes. My gray hairs, senior moments, and wrinkled skin will speak of my age. I’ve been through difficulties and surpassed them through the endless support of my loved ones. One of the most haunting hardships is whenever I get sick. Apart from the pain, the costly medical treatments and hospital bill are big hurdles for us. We don’t have enough savings to cover such expenses and the last thing that we can do is find foundations to help us. We hire a writer to do the grant writing for elderly care. At first, I doubt the idea. I’m not sure if funders would grant my request. But my family convinced me that there are wide chances for seniors, like me, who are in need. So, the writer did  the proposal and searched for foundations that will fund my medical needs. A couple of days passed and there was a phone call. Yes! The funder approved my grant request. Heaven heard my prayers. To this day, I can’t believe that it was worth a try. I was hopeless then, and thought that there’s no way that I can pay for the expenses. Thanked God for sending me His angels – grant writers. Through grants, I was able to spend more quality time and years with my family. Also, I have enough strength to look after my grandchildren while their parents are at work.

Doing Grant Applications for Seniors the Right Way

Grants are funds given for a worthy cause. I experienced how tedious process is.  You must submit a compelling proposal that will win funders’ approval. Also, there are things that I learned from grant writers. Here, I am sharing some tips that you may find useful in your grants applications:

Follow the application and submission instructions.

These are word limitations, font style and size to use, spacing, and margins. Know the deadline for submission. Does the grantor only fund specific ailments/conditions? It is important to identify the funder’s requirements before you submit a proposal. You have to read and understand them very well.

Be factual, realistic, and specific with your request.

What are the medications you need? Are you requesting funds to pay hospital bills? How long will you need medication or assistance? Give details that will help the funder understand your condition.

Itemize your budget.

How much will the hospitalization and medication cost? Provide an estimated but realistic amount that will meet your financial need.

Write the proposal.

A winning proposal contains words or narratives that are easy to understand. It is important to include significant information that will justify or support your need for funding.

Submit your application.

It is important to submit your proposal on or before the deadline. It will give funders enough time to review and consider your application. Lastly, if you can’t do a proposal on your own, then hire grant writing services.  

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