Grant Consulting Services: Why Agencies Can’t Give You the Fund


Funding Grants

For grant seeker, nothing beats the experience of getting the fund. But remember that agencies can deny your request. Charitable groups base their decision on how you do the proposal and how you apply for it. In this case, you need grant consulting services to give you the best advice before you apply for a grant.

Although agencies can give you the fund, some might find some gaffes on your grant request. Your project may not match their mission, or your proposal may be weak to convince them.

Grant Consulting Services Reveal Why You Can’t Get the Fund

1. You commit mistakes.

People commit errors. This is usual, but you can avoid it. There are ways to change and make things right.

Some of the common errors are on the format of the proposal, the required number of words for a section, accuracy on the information and statistics, objectives and scope of the program. Even the way you submit the document, and its timing can be wrong. In fact, you might have encountered some of these common blunders:

  • Don’t read directions.
  • Don’t understand the guidelines.
  • Ignore the specifications.
  • Don’t follow rules.
  • Misinterpret the instructions.
  • Don’t have the required documents and inclusions.
  • Assume funders are not strict, but are considerate.
  • Don’t communicate with the institution.

The above-mentioned are true and common today. What do these imply? They’re all about laziness, stubbornness, and presumptuousness. Though these mistakes can be unintentional, still, they can crash your grant application.

If you’re a grant seeker, how can you make a difference? Come to think of it: What are the effects of these gaffes?

2. Funders hate flaws.

All funding sources are very much particular with the details of your proposal. The funder or its reviewers spend a lot of time brushing up and reviewing various proposals. They get annoyed with documents that do not comply with what they want. What’s more, if you sent your application after the deadline, they will not consider it.

What do they think about you?

Some funders will just think that you are not serious with your application that you did not work hard on your proposal. The worst, they might think that you have false advocacies and endeavors. These reasons can disdain your funding request even if you have the real intention to help other people.

What Do I Do Instead?

Now that it is clear why even worthwhile projects fail, it is wise to avoid the reasons that push funders to drop your grant request.

To win the grant, you have to read, understand, and follow the criteria and guidelines. Secure the necessary documents, as funders are strict with compliance. Also, communicate with funders or their staff.  Moreover, if you can’t write a proposal, hire grant writing services that are expert on this matter.

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