Grant Proposal: Why Many Nonprofits Turn to Allied Grant Writers

grant proposals for nonprofits

Most foundations want to help groups that assist the less fortunate people and aiming to end top societal problems. Most funding sources respond positively to programs that benefit children, youth, students, low-income families, women, minorities, and the elderly. Programs often address minimal or major problems on education, health and wellness, environment, arts and culture, and community development. These “caring” institutions often have certain geographical focus in giving grant money.

Funding application requires a formal request. Sadly, not all nonprofits can make a good grant proposal. Hence, many seek help from expert grant writers.

We at Allied Grant Writers (AGW) excel in grant writing. We are one of the top picks.

Why Trust Us?

For many years now, AGW has been trusted by a lot of clients across the US. We have produced many proposals that have won funds from various funding sources. We humble ourselves for being known for our well-written, winning documents.

Know more about us:

Office. We are currently based in Michigan.

Workers. We are teams of expert writers, editors, and researchers. Our writers are all adept in formal writing and are passionate about the job. Each of them has his own expertise — some are good in writing grant requests for nonprofits, some excel in write-ups focused on education, some in business, and some in federal application. This does not mean that they are not good at some other topics or areas. In fact, all writers are versatile and can work on various projects. They can all compose custom-fitted documents and mini-grant proposals even within a short span of time.

Credibility. We treat each project with professionalism and confidentiality. AGW is a BBB accredited business that meets all the bureau’s accreditation standards. This is a proof that we are trustworthy.

How We Perfect Grant Proposal

Grant application is like finding a job. There is a stiff rivalry. Now that there are so many nonprofit groups vying for funds, grant seekers should always find ways to outshine others.

One good way to showcase your edge is to present a good written request. If you can’t perfect the writing task, rely on us. Here are some good reasons why we keep on gaining the trust of many nonprofits and grant seekers across the country:

1. We employ a customer-oriented sales and support team that delivers superb customer care and service.
2. Our writers constantly work and communicate with their clients so as to give updates, ask questions, and share ideas to compose a nice write-up.
3. Our writers do thorough research to justify the need for financial aid.
4. Our QA team delivers the finest outputs.
5. We give bonus materials. These include cover letter, letter of inquiry, and list of potential funding sources.
6. We are good at making customized grant projects.
7. We revise documents until clients are fully satisfied.

If you want to make your proposed program come true but can’t write a good grant request, it’s better that you seek our help. We will help you obtain grant awards!

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