Grant Writing Standard : What Makes a Good Proposal


Standard Grant ProposalA grant proposal is the key to obtain funding aid. Given its role in the success of a certain project, a grant seeker should write it with utmost care and precision.

In making a formal request, it is not only the format that you should consider. Think about its content. In fact, it is the most vital part of a grant proposal.

What Does a Good Proposal Include?

What makes a good grant writing? Below are vital sections that you should include in your application for funding.

Time Frame.

Funders are very much concerned about the proposed project’s duration. They want to know when it would start and for how long it would run. Also, the details on how the project would be completed matter to them. All these aspects can affect the decision of grant committee. In writing the “time frame” section, include the project’s goals, process to follow, person(s) responsible for its implementation, and expected outcomes. This should contain actions to be taken arranged in chronological order for easy review and assessment.

Evaluation Plan.

Grantors also like to predict the success of the proposed project. This is possible through assessing the evaluation plan. This section must describe the process of assessment leading to the success of the proposed project. Also, this one contains the specific process or program to be assessed, the data gathering process to use, and the expected evaluation results.


To compel funders to grant the request, applicants may highlight their skills and achievements in carrying out programs in the past. This won’t just help the grantors know more about the applicant, but it will also help prove good leadership skills and ability to produce good results.

Budget Plan.

It seems to be the most vital section. This part should detail the items needed for the project, their costs, and some explanation as to their uses and estimated costs.

There are some other details that you should include to make a good grant proposal. However, these aspects mentioned above are the most reviewed and are the ones that can make or break grant seeker’s quest.

Grant writing is really a tough task. But if you know which pieces of info to put here, you’ll surely get the nod of funding sources. Write a cover letter to support your request.

If you can’t write you own formal request, seek help from expert grant writers.

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