Grants for Children with Special Needs: Where to Apply for Fund


Do you have a child with innate mental and learning disorders? You don’t have to hide or treat them indifferently. Just like other children, they also have the right to live and enjoy life. You will find foundations that give grants for children with special needs. Search them out. They can help you raise your child the right way.

Children with special needs are the nation’s weakest people. They cannot live and act alone due to conditions that impair their understanding and behavior.  They are unable to interact with other people. Though they are distinct from the normal ones, they also deserve a comfy life.

With their situations, they have special needs that are often too costly. They need unique teaching method, a caring institution, and a more kind attention.  As such, most parents turn to foundations that are willing to help them.

Foundations That Give Grants for Children with Special Needs

The US has non-profits and children advocates that offer countless and humanistic approaches to young beings with special needs. These foundations give grants to applicants whose main goal is to aid these helpless people. They see to it that they give equitable and comfortable life to special children.

If you need grant to carry out your noble cause for special children, you may try these charitable groups:

Children’s Charity Fund, Inc. (CCFI)

CCFI is a 501(c) (3) non-profit foundation that provides at least $500 to children with special needs. You may visit to apply for fund.

Disabled Children Relief Fund

It offers equipment to children with physical disability, cerebral palsy, and other mental illnesses. Also, it is a tax-exempt foundation that seeks donation from other entities. To donate or ask for help, you may visit

National Autism Association

Its flagship program FOUND gives $54,400.00 to children with autism located in eight US counties. If you get this grant money, you have to use it for life-saving tools and materials needed for the survival of these children. If you find the grant interesting, you may visit for more information.

Tending to special children needs patience and enough funds to sustain their unique wants. But looking for free monies entail a good proposal. In doing so, you can convey a good cause and convince funders that you deserve the grant.  If you need help, you may turn to grant writing services. They have writers who can create a proposal for your project.

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