Writing a Good Grant Proposal the Easy Way


Winning Grant ProposalIt is not easy to write a grant request. It is, in fact, a daunting task, much more if you are new to it and don’t know much about it. To get the “free money,” grant seekers need to prepare well, plan carefully, and follow guidelines set by funding sources.

There is a tough competition in the world of grant making. But writing a good grant proposal can be your sole weapon to outshine other grant seekers. In making one, assess your true needs and prove why and how it is important to make a difference.

How to Begin?

Before you begin the writing process, it is advisable that you contact the foundation or any funding agency to ask whether grant program is still open, confirm the deadline of certain grant cycle, and find out the process how they accept and assess each proposed project.

The reason for this is that not all funding sources are the same. Forms, procedures, and requirements vary from one to another. Application details should be read thoroughly. Any mistake or shortcoming can ruin your quest for funding aid.

If you are seeking for research project funding, it is okay that your proposal be lengthy. For general welfare and education, on the other hand, they have their “mini” form aside from the full proposal. But if it is for a scholarship grant request, it will more likely appear like a college thesis.

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Of course, to write a winning grant proposal requires studying and learning everything you need to know about it.

If you still don’t have any experience making one, you may want to attend a workshop. Having someone who is an expert to teach you is really a good idea. Also a great option is that you can find helpful references in libraries as well as online resource web sites. With regard to budget plan, you should compute the exact total budget you need for your project.

In making your written request, you must bear in mind that you and the funder must have the same interests, goals, and needs so you can get a support and work together.

If you are not sure where you’re going, do not hesitate to ask for advice, suggestions, and critique. It will be better if funders would be aware of your project early on. More likely, any kind of help boosts your funding chances. Sometimes, it really pays listening to constructive criticisms.

Lastly, think about this: does your proposal have clarity, continuity, and rationality?

Support Factor

If you are about to start or launch a project, you need to look for people or groups that share similar cause with yours. Projects supported by the community are the ones most likely to succeed.

Writing a good grant proposal is really a tough task. But this guide aims at helping you perfect it toward reaching your social goals. If you can’t make a good written request, seek help from expert grant writers.

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