Writing a Grant Proposal: Critical Parts You Need To Watch


Writing a Grant ProposalIn writing a grant proposal, there are some parts where you need to focus in order to increase your chances of being funded. At this time of economic recession, people seek and request for grants. Finding a potential grantor is no easy task. You must look for a suitable one, which will match your goals and fund your project consistently.

In order to win a grant, you must propose a worthy project that will not only benefit yourself, but the community as well. The proposal must speak about the project with brevity.

A grant proposal is unlike business proposals. Although it will, oftentimes, contain the same info, it aims to show the grantors how helpful and vital the project will be to the society.

Tips in Writing a Grant Proposal

Determine the Need for the Project.

In requesting for a grant, the main criteria that most grantors are looking for in a project is how it will bring great changes to the society. To do this, you must first define the need of the community and prove its necessity.

A grant proposal must tackle and propose a solution for a certain need. You can compare and assess the current situation of your area to know what it needs. It must always be geared toward improvement.

Conduct a research to know the need. But, plain info may not be enough. To be more accurate, include relevant written research and stats. These are a surefire way to show the grantors what you area needs.

Project Estimation.

After knowing the needs, next is the budget for the project. In doing so, always keep in mind to include only the basic expenses and realistic numbers. Keep in mind that grant funders have their own way knowing if the info is valid, especially the digits placed in the budget plan.

Prioritize the expenses that will be vital in the success of the project. It also helps to take note of the things that most grant funders usually fund and does not fund.

Measure and Evaluate the Project.

The proposal must also stress on the project’s success evaluation. Grantors take a close look on what kind of impact a project will create. This will help them decide if the proposal will receive funds or not.

Evaluating and measuring a project will give the proposal direction, and allows grantors to understand the project’s desired results. The outcome must be realistic and measurable. A certain time frame must also be included to further measure the impact and effects of the project to the target people and/or place.


The need for the project, the grant budget, and evaluation add greatly in the success of a grant proposal. The info written in these sections will ignite the interest of the grant funders and convinces them to fund the project.

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