A Grant Proposal: Funding’s Modern Form of Art


Grant Writing

Money has been a driving force that influences many human activities. Nowadays, the latter applies for most non-profit organizations and persons seeking funds for their projects. But in a competitive marketplace, funding agencies only accept a grant proposal. This makes the writing process a challenging one yet satisfying when done right.

In response to the need for financial support, proposal writing completes the application. To come up with a great one is not just a matter of writing. You will also plan, research, consume effort and time to create fundable content. This is why writing for grant is just like an art. You need innate writing knacks and extensive practice to perfect it.

The Art of Creating a Grant Proposal

Making a proposal requires extensive and in-depth understanding. You have to research and go through analysis phases. Add some technical writing skills and experiences. Put them together, and you can present your purpose for funding persuasively. Furthermore, your proposal must have information and related data arranged clearly and logically for reviewers to understand it.

Elements of Grant Proposal for Arts

Like other art pieces, proposals have various parts that cohere with one another to produce stunning works.  These elements are:

A statement of needs that defines the problem.

You have to describe the issue so that funders can know why the project needs funding. Also, you have to show how to address it.

Specific goals and objectives.

This are the aims you want to achieve through the help of the fund.

A firm plan of action.

This is one of the most important things that your proposal must feature. Here, you will define how you will carry out the activity to fulfill your goals.

A true budget plan.

Your program’s budget can justify your need for funds. You have to inform funders where you will allot the fund you request.

Mention your organization’s background.

Cite a brief history concerning your organization. This is for funders to find out if you are reliable and genuine enough to get funding.

Various non-profit organizations get funds from big companies, foundations, and government organizations.  Oftentimes, these funders take deep assessments before they give grants. They review and assess the viability of a proposal. If your request is powerful enough to give a clear picture of an attainable project, then you will get the fund.

Grant writing takes a complex and long process. In some cases, some grant seekers hire grant writers to do such things for them. But if you believe that you have the skills to write and express your concerns in a clear manner, then do so. Just bear in mind that your project must match to the mission of your prospect funders.

Grant writing is like an art. Akin to other forms of arts, its elements must have the power to communicate. It should have a unique style and must express ideas. Moreover, it must offer broad benefits for people and organizations.


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