Academic Grants: K-12 Grant and Other Funding Assistance


Academic Grants K-12 Grant and Other Funding AssistanceEducation is the main factor that shapes our lives. The right to learning entitles each person, mainly children, to access and receive the best education that their country can provide to them. More so, these helpless members of the society deserve to learn and gain all the knowledge they can get from schools due to the following:

  • It is the best tool that equips us to achieve success.
  • It is a great way to develop our knowledge and skills.
  • It enables us to face the barriers to better opportunities.
  • It offers us a chance to get a well-paying job.
  • It allows us to fight poverty.

Each child needs to attend schooling to get ahead in life. Experts say that primary and secondary levels are the most crucial stages for students. Their successful shift from high school to a much higher level depends here because these stages are the strong founding years for their cognitive growth.

Despite the said importance, still, public schools in most districts have been suffering from the effects of the slash in their budgets. To take the wrap for the loss, school officials often opt to reduce or even worse remove staffs and teachers. Programs vital to the students are also affected. Recognizing the value of learning, many public and private groups offer grants to meet and improve the special needs of students across the country.

The government sectors and private groups endow grant money to qualified people, schools, and nonprofits. Though you don’t need to pay the money received from grants, the application can at times be a long process.

Prepare and Research

Asking for academic grants requires plenty of preparation and research in the following areas:

  • Budget directions.
  • Project narrative.
  • Goals and objectives.
  • Justification for the project’s needs.
  • Plan on how to assess the project’s success.
  • Timetable for the project development.

To get funding, you should adhere to the rules, goals, and mission of the grantor.

Types of Academic Grants

  • Technology funding aid.
  • Research scholarship.
  • Cultural affairs endowment.
  • K-12 grants.
  • Post-secondary scholarship.
  • Professional development financial aid.
  • Funding awards for theater.
  • Financial aid for performing arts.

Tips to Remember

There are no magic formulas, shortcuts, or any sure-fire methods to gain academic grants, but below are helpful tips that can help you in earning one:

  • Know the various types of funding sources.
  • Be on the lookout for open grants.
  • Match your goals with the funding sources.
  • Create a concise but detailed funding application.
  • Clearly show the need for funding of your “worthwhile” project.

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