Steps on How to Apply for Federal Grants


apply for federal grantsThere are various types of grants depending on the need of the public and the host of the grant. Aside from nonprofits, the government also offers federal grants.

A federal grant (FG) is money given by a certain sector of the U.S. government to attend the growing need in a community or to meet a precise goal. They often require specific budget requirements and set criteria different from regular grants.

Open FG spots are announced a year before their deadline. For first timers, you can find the ads at It is the best source to find and apply for federal grants. Managed with the help of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this initiative is creating a deep impact in the lives of grant seekers.

On the other hand, those who have already applied and granted can receive requests for proposals from the specific division of the government. They use this procedure if they intend to limit the number of applicants for a certain funding opportunity.

How to Apply for Federal Grants?

Most FGs have no geographic and budget limitation. Hence, most applicants immediately apply the moment they learn about the open slot and fit the qualifications. FG applicants are greater than of usual seekers, so the competition is tougher. If you’re a first timer, how can you stand out and get ahead of others? Heed these useful tips:

1. Register at

Prior to applying for an open FG spot, you must first register at This is a required step to enable a safe and easy way to apply for funding and track their application. This involves these five steps:

  • Obtain a DUNS number.
  • Sign up with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR).
  • Get your username and password.
  • Wait for the Approval of the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR).
  • Track your AOR status.

Keep in mind that you must do this first before applying for the grant. This step would probably take up 3-5 business days each if you follow them the correctly. Once you finish all these, you can now jump to the next step.

2. Read and analyze the FG ad.

If you have found an open spot, heed every detail. Focus on the needed budget requirements and instructions for writing and submitting your proposal. Get a copy of their checklist to help you prepare everything before the deadline.

3. Stick to the instructions.

Since different sectors host and give grants, none of them will have the same set of instructions and requirements unless the same division hosts both. You need to comply strictly because if the reviewer notices that you missed even a single step or failed to give one of their requirements, they will reject your project instantly.

4. Provide all required attachments.

Aside from the proposal, there are grants that require supporting documents. You must list all the files to attach in their proper order with the right number of pages as instructed on the FG ad.

5. Submit your application before the deadline.

To achieve best results, submit your application before the cut-off. Each ad has specific instructions for applying and submitting, through e-mail or regular mail, so be sure to follow them.

6. Regularly track your application.

Through, you can track if your project is accepted, rejected, or requires revision. You can also see if you need to submit additional requirements per instruction of the reviewers.

Knowing these tips will surely help you easily apply for federal grants. For a higher chance of approval, hire the services of a grant writing company. They have expert grant writers who can give you a great FG proposal. Their years of experience and expertise will bring out the top qualities of your organization and catch the attention of the reviewers.

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