Business Grants: Empowering Women


Decades ago, the role of a woman runs around household chores and caring for her children and husbands. Other than that, she follows her husband’s decision even if it’s not mutual.

But, as years passed, the role of women broadens. She can now do whatever a man can accomplish, or maybe even more.

Today, women are more independent, being able to do these things:

– She can decide without asking others help.
– She can live the life she wants.
– She can balance family and career.
– She can be a single mother or a bread winner.
– She can own a business.

Women in Business

To run a business is a dream for many women. But not all have the courage to risk their time and money. Those who prefer to have their own trade really want to support their families, be the boss, and to handle their own time. These allow them to have more time with their children; if they have any.

Based on Small Business Association (SBA), women choose to continue with the household chores if she is in a dual-income relationship. But, women are finding great success in running their own businesses. In the years 1997 and 2002, women-owned firms increased by 19.8 percent (Kirkman, 2009).

While they manage their business, they know how to balance their time, career, and family. Also, they have traits that help them handle the business. These include patience, perseverance, passion, and creativity. Through these values, they get the trust of people around them. Thus, having these good qualities they are able to do the following:

  • They are more focus to their goals in business than men.
  • They work hard to get good results.
  • They are more accommodating than men that they can relate to the needs of their clients easily.
  • They respond to a healthy competition by boosting productivity and customer service.

In truth, women are good in handling finances because they are used to do it. They can  balance out payments and expenses rightly.

Now, do you want to own a business? With your potentials, all you have to do is find a fiscal support.

The Role of Business Grants to Women

Even though unfair treatment on women in business still exists, don’t let it break the aim to pursue such career. Instead, take it as a challenge to make your business more stable. This kind of attitude is beneficial for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Lack of fund should not stop you from going for your dream. According to HJ Ventures International, there are grants for women who want to have a business within the US. These business grants have brought many women-owned trades to take part in the industry. There are corporations and foundations that can finance your venture. In fact, you could apply for grants in your state and also through federal programs.

Though business minded women only represent a small portion of the sector, they can boost the country’s income growth. For this reason, the government set a special grant for their businesses. So create the right proposal for your quest for funds. Applying for support requires writing a grant proposal. This document has facts and data that shows the need for financial aids. Thus, find grant writing services to achieve this.

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