Computer Access Project in Texas Gets Millions


Austin, TX — The National Telecommunications and Information Administration has awarded nearly $8 million for increasing computer accessibility to a number of libraries in Texas, August 18, 2010.

TEAL or Technology Expertise, Access, and Learning for Texans project aims to fund new or upgrade existing computer centers at 38 libraries and branches, including public schools and community colleges, health facilities, recreational centers, and mobile units used as mobile learning labs.

The project hopes to provide computer training to underserved individuals throughout the state. The funds will help create and widen opportunities for local underserved Texans whose only means of online learning, job hunting, social networking, and other pursuits is through computer access at local libraries.

Texas State Library and Archives Commission Director and librarian, Peggy Rudd, said that the”lack of opportunity shouldn’t be a deterrent to success. This project will give people the means to reach their potential as productive citizens, and boost Texas’ economy as well.”

Source: Texas Insider

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