Easton Foundations – Archery Facility Grants


Brief information
The Easton Foundations support the development of four levels of archery facilities depending on the level of the planned archery programs and the financial commitment of the applicants:

  1. Archery Center of Excellence,
  2. Archery Center,
  3. Community Archery Facility, or
  4. Local Club or Recreation Department Facility.

Funding range and Eligibility
Grant requests of less than $25,000 from qualified 501(c)3 organizations may be eligible to receive funding. Grants that exceed $25,000, or applicants that are not qualified 501(c)3 organizations may also receive funding. These types of organizations may be required to submit additional information for the Grant Committee to review before making its decision. In general, FOR-PROFIT AND PRIVATE SECTOR APPLICANTS are not eligible for a grant, even though they are doing work that meets the Foundation’s objectives.

All project proposals and grant requests over $25,000 must be received by the Foundation by March 1 for the Spring review or September 1 for the Fall review to be considered by the Foundation in the semi-annual grant review process.

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