Educational Grants for Single Mothers: Back-to-School Program

single mother studying while taking care of her baby

The burden that single mothers carry can really be overwhelming. Aside from providing and raising their kids alone, they also need to sustain the financial need of their family. Due to different expenses, their desire to go back to school in order to lead a better life will have to take the back seat. But this should not be the case. Many educational grants out there await single moms. You just have to know your goals and set your priorities straight.

Apply for Educational Grants for Single Mothers

Set your goals.

Know first what you want to be to identify which path to take. If you want to do some accounting jobs, then try degrees associated with accounting and the state’s requirement to be a certified public accountant. After determining the degree that you want to obtain, you have to sort out schools that offer the best financial assistance to single moms like you. Inquire at schools and ask if they provide scholarships. There are certain financial aids available to students, so you have to be specific that you want scholarships and not financial aids such as loans and study-now, pay later programs.

Begin your online search for grants where you qualify.

The key here is to know the right place to look for grants and the needs that you have to fulfill. From there, you can start your search for grants where you qualify.

Look for grants targeted to your class or group.

There are grants that provide scholarship to a certain course, school, or location. There is no specific source or database for grants for single moms. But with consistent and determined search, it will result to getting the amount of funding that you need for your schooling.

Start with the application process.

Some grants like the Pell grant (federal grants) require its applicant to complete their application form while other may ask you to submit your grant proposal and documents whether through e-mail or ordinary mail. Whatever the requirements may be, be sure that you read and follow the instructions stated in their process.

Wait for the response.

If a certain amount of time has passed and you haven’t heard a word from your chosen funder, make a follow-up on your application.

These grants are not solely available online. Aside from those given by noble funding groups, state and local government, private persons, and companies also give educational grants.

The state is also supporting the attempt of single moms to achieve a rewarding career despite their condition. For instance, President Barack Obama’s stimulus plan has entitled every mother to a $10,000 grant that can allow her to go back to school. Mothers can use this money to pay for their fees and school expenses.

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