How to Get a Grant: Projects That Win Funds Easily


Do you wish to get a grant? Grant seekers have their own individual projects that need funding. However, not all projects can easily receive aid or can receive funding at all. The “fundability” of a project depends on the focus of the funding organization. If the project matches the goals of the funding source then the project has greater chances to win the funds. In seeking grant, you have to submit an effective proposal. If you have a hard time creating one, you can seek help from a professional grant writing company. They have considerable experience in writing such proposals.

Things to Ponder 

For now, you need to know if your project is “fundable.” Here are some pieces of info that you may consider to help you get a grant:

1. Funding institutions fund “certain” projects than others.

Most grant makers prefer project-based proposals. There are a few funding for capital, equipment, operating, endowment, and scholarship projects.

2. Most funders do not offer help for routine and ordinary expenses.

A scholarship awarded to a student may not include other school fees. Parents or guardians must pay the ordinary expenses related to their studies.

3. The project must address a social problem.

A project that aims to build an orphanage to keep homeless children away from the street is such a worthwhile project concept. This one will surely get the nod of a grant review committee. Other good projects include those that address poverty, drug addiction, and domestic violence, among others.

4. Funders want projects that will bring positive impact to a great number of people.

If your project will only serve a few people, then grant makers may not consider your proposed project. To win their hearts, launch a project that will benefit more underprivileged people.

5. Cite your future plans.

A section that contains your sustainability plan can inform and guide funders about the things that you will do once the funding ends. Tell how are you going to sustain your project without seeking funds from grant makers.

What Makes a Good Proposal?

Here are the elements of a written request that can win a grant award:

1. Cover Letter.

It introduces you and your project to the funding institution. It also contains your hopes, goals, and the specifics of the proposed project.

2. Letter of Intent.

It conveys your intention to apply for a grant opportunity.

3. Abstract.

It sums up your proposal on a single page.

4. Organizational Info.

Its tells about the history, background, mission, and key staff of your organization.

5. Need Assessment.

This section presents the need for the project. You may justify the need by citing statistics, graphs, survey results, previous studies, or any related literature.

6. Project Description.

It tells about your project: how did you come up with the idea, the people who will assist you in fulfilling the goals, and your future plans for the project.

7. Importance.

It explains the essence of the project and its impact to the people and community.

8. Evaluation Plan.

It reveals your plan to measure the success of the project. The plan describes what will be measured, who will measure, and how it will be measured.

9. Sustainability Plan.

It tells how you will be able to sustain the project after the grant period ended.

10. Budget.

It contains a detailed breakdown of the requested funds: items, usage, and amount. It also includes budget justification.

A good grant proposal always comes with some other files and documents as required by funding sources. Secure and submit (or attach) all of them to boost your chances for the funds.

If you don’t know how to get a grant that easily, seek our help. We’ll help you win your pursuit!

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