Getting Fund for Afterschool Programs


Fund for Afterschool ProgramsOne of the most challenging tasks of a nonprofit organization running an afterschool program is looking for funding sources. Resources are needed to sustain or expand endeavors that serve school-age children and their families as well.

As a grant seeker, you need to be aware of a range of considerations that will guide philanthropic individuals and organizations that are interested and willing to help.

Factors for to Consider to Get Fund for Afterschool Programs


Aside from preparing a list of your needed expenditures, you need to identify your current sources of funding, as well as the funding gaps that you hope to fill through other funding options. Create this as a worksheet file in your computer.

Goals and Objectives

Enhance your program goals and objectives. Be clear about the results and outcomes that you hope to achieve, whether it is for promoting health, improving academics, preventing violence, or providing child care. The ability to articulate your vision usually attracts funding.


Get in touch with individuals and organizations within your community that share the same vision. These may include entrepreneurs, school owners, faith-based organizations, social services and law enforcement agencies.

You may potentially develop partnerships with these in the process, which can give cash or in-kind support, and lead you to better opportunities.

How to Get Funded?

You need to determine what you need and be familiar with a range of funding that may be available through public, private, and in-kind resources. These may come from the community, either within the state or nationally.

Be flexible in your approach by generating your own funds through community fundraising. Consider diversifying your sources of funding by maintaining a portfolio of public and private funds. This is to ensure that in case when one source closes, you still have other options available.

Planning early increases your program’s sustainability. The search for funding should be a continuous process. The sooner you find an opportunity, the longer time you have to prepare before the deadline of submission of proposals.

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